ForeFlight is Hiring a Software Developer

Job Description

ForeFlight is looking for a software developer to join our data and aeronautical information development team. This individual will have development responsibility for evolving ForeFlight’s aeronautical information database, improving our suite of programs and applications that process data files from commercial providers and aeronautical information publications, and assist with diagnosing issues submitted by pilots, airport managers, and service providers.

ForeFlight aggregates information from sources around the world in a variety of formats (PDFs, csv, fixed width formats, etc.) and packages it into bundles that our iOS and server apps utilize. This individual will have responsibility for creating the next generation of these tools, with the objective of providing real-time aeronautical updates to ForeFlight’s applications.


Technically, this person needs to have a strong background in Java programming and demonstrated SQL, JDBC, and relational data design and expertise. Experience with object versioning patterns is a plus. This person is GIS savvy, or capable of quickly becoming GIS savvy, and is comfortable working with and integrating open source GIS tools into workflows to achieve the company’s objectives. This person has an aptitude for GIS mathematics that belie GIS and GIS toolsets. Experience with ‘master data management’ patterns is a plus. Experience building web applications for display and styling of geospatial data is also a plus (Leaflet, Google Maps, etc.).

This position is based in our Houston, TX or Bryan/College Station, TX offices. This person will be well compensated, respected, loved, and made part of the ForeFlight family. A pilot-coder, or individual looking to pursue his or her private pilot license, is a plus. Relocation reimbursement will be provided if moving to either of these areas.

Send a cover letter and resume to If you’ve contributed to any open source projects, make sure to include links to relevant code. If you are a recent graduate, please include a copy your transcript.