Announcing ForeFlight Checklist 1.0!

ForeFlight Checklist

It’s been a great month for ForeFlight! Our team is fresh off the release of ForeFlight Mobile v2.0.3, with across the board improvements to our flagship app. We’ve been thrilled by the reaction from the aviation community and the press – ForeFlight Mobile received top honors in this month’s Aviation Consumer, and our logo is featured at the front of every Apple Store worldwide.

And finally… today we’re proud to unveil ForeFlight Checklist, our latest iPhone app. Our team has been hard at work making the perfect electronic checklist, sweating every pixel in the lab and running countless trials on the runway. Easy to use and completely customizable, ForeFlight Checklist is a pilot’s new best friend.

ForeFlight Checklist brings easy to use Intelligent Checklists for Pilots™ right to your iPhone or iPod touch, built with a level of quality and an attention to detail our customers expect. Create and edit your own customized collection of normal procedures checklists by starting with one of the pre-defined aircraft type templates or start from scratch. We built Checklist to make you a more productive pilot and reduce the amount of heads down time required to find the last checklist item you were looking at.  You can see Checklist in action here.

ForeFlight Checklist is available for purchase in the iPhone App Store for $19.99.

A copy of the press release is available here.

“Top Honors” in Aviation Consumer

In this month’s issue of The Aviation Consumer magazine, ForeFlight Mobile 2.0 won “top honors” in their review of cell-phone weather applications. With “intuitive” ease of use and the “best visuals and design” of the reviewed products, ForeFlight Mobile came out shining! While our competitors got dinged for their clunky interfaces and poor product support, ForeFlight Mobile wowed them with “cool features such as lists of nearby airports based on the phone location and direct dial to ASOS.”

We’re glad they liked ForeFlight Mobile’s color-coded TAFs and quick-glance NOTAMs; those are two of favorite features, too!

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