ForeFlight Mobile 4.1.1 Released

ForeFlight Mobile 4.1.1 for iPad and iPhone is now available in the App Store.

✣ New setting to disable all buttons when viewing a plate after the lock button is pressed.
✣ Changed iPhone map selector to show all map sources without scrolling.
✣ Only showing the NAV CANADA disclaimer once per data cycle.
✣ Allowing U.S. subscribers to download FAA maps in southern Canada.
✣ Bug fix that caused a “cannot connect” warning to appear on Account or Downloads when a connection is available.
✣ Performance improvements and bug fixes when switching to new data during a cycle rollover.
✣ Bug fixes for iOS 5 compatibility.

Click here for instructions on updating to this latest version.  We recommend that all users install this update.

We’re hard at work on v4.2, which will include XM Weather support and other big improvements to the app.  Stay tuned!