Video Podcast Feature

Greg Summers is a ‘student pilot’ (in “the pilot is always learning, sense, as he has his PPL and is on to instrument work) who is chronicling his journey through a blog and video podcast available on the web at He has produced 24 episodes of content, which is no small feat.  We were tickled to learn that Greg profiled both ForeFlight Mobile 2.0 and ForeFlight Checklist in his latest episode, Episode #24.

Greg’s setup in the plane is very similar to ours.  We use suction mounts from RAM Mounts, place them just forward of the door bulkhead and high so that they do not obstruct the panel, and keep the positioning as close to eye level as possible.  The positioning varies by aircraft, of course.  In a Mooney, for example, you might end up placing the suction mount just aft of the forward door jam, above the air inlet.  The point is to always keep the device mounted and within view so that you don’t have to go heads down to find your checklist or the next check item.

A streaming copy of the video is available on Viddler at

LogTen Mobile, Powered by ForeFlight, released

ForeFlight, in an exciting partnership with Coradine Aviation Systems today released a major new service for users of Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch: LogTen Mobile.

LogTen Mobile provides seamless integration with Coradine’s pilot logbook software, LogTen Pro, allowing pilots to keep their logbook up to date as well as monitor currency requirements, duty limits, and certificate status all on their iPhone! The system leverages web technologies to deliver unprecedented ease of use and allows users to sync their data with an iPhone or iPod Touch wirelessly – without ever having to plug it in.

LogTen Mobile is available now – click here for full product details. Visit today to sign up for a free trial and use the service for seven days before committing to a subscription at US$39/year.

ForeFlight on the iPhone Home Screen

Recent rumors about the next firmware update for the iPhone (1.1.3) appear more and more legitimate as we move into the new year. Among other nice features, iPhone users should be able to create bookmarks on the home screen (also called the springboard).

This means that ForeFlight iPhone Edition users will finally be able to create a button on the home screen to bring up ForeFlight!

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more – hopefully this 1.1.3 firmware will meet/exceed the rumors and be released soon!

Videos are Worth a Thousand Words

Explaining how a software application works is a challenge.  So often, the core differences between one application and another can only be revealed by experiencing both applications. We were craving a way to help pilots experience ForeFlight, and one of the most talented crews in aviation video production helped us out.  So, sit back, relax and enjoy our first ForeFlight commercial!

 Thanks to Jason Miller and the OnTheFlightLine crew!