ForeFlight Establishes TFR Desk to Ensure Accurate Depiction of Graphical TFR Information

We are excited to share that ForeFlight’s development team recently deployed technology that can recognize missing or corrupted graphical TFRs that are delivered via the NOTAM system. The new tool alerts ForeFlight’s TFR Desk team members, who then take immediate action to correct the TFR graphic and distribute it quickly to ForeFlight customers.

ForeFlight with graphical TFR

As a pilot, you rely on web, mobile, and data-link apps and services to display accurate and up-to-date TFR information. And, as Tyson Weihs, ForeFlight’s co-founder and CEO, explains: “From time-to-time, the NOTAM system publishes TFRs without the shape information necessary to depict them. We built the monitoring systems and established the TFR Desk so that pilots can have the highest-quality TFR information as quickly as possible. TFR incursions are still an important issue for the aviation community, and we are doing our part to help.”

In addition to identifying and creating or correcting TFR information, ForeFlight notifies the AOPA’s regulatory affairs team of the discrepancy, who then works with the FAA to correct the information in the NOTAM system. These corrections then make their way back to users via other channels, such as the ADS-B data link system.

The team will continue to improve the tool’s capability to also recognize misshapen TFR files. This effort helps us to quickly distribute the most accurate information and minimize the risk that a pilot will violate a TFR area.

ForeFlight Acquires JetFuelX

JetFuelX on any device

We are thrilled to announce this exciting addition to ForeFlight. JetFuelX is a free web-based fuel card management service that makes it easy for owners and operators of turbine aircraft to save money by quickly finding the lowest prices available from their multiple jet fuel discount program memberships.

JetFuelX, A ForeFlight CompanyJetFuelX is designed to help everyone from individual pilots to large flight departments, including charter operators, quickly pinpoint the best jet fuel prices and eliminate the frustrating and time-consuming task of managing and comparing multiple fuel card and FBO discount programs. Customers can manage unlimited fuel card memberships and aircraft profiles, view all prices available at the planned destination, compare prices in real-time with nearby airports, and submit fuel releases in a matter of seconds. The simple search function returns discount pricing information at the planned destination, as well as the nearest airports, in a neatly organized list or interactive map view.

In addition, JetFuelX provides a solution for fuel providers and FBOs to efficiently distribute pricing data to their members. FBOs and fuel providers who are interested in integrating with JetFuelX, please contact

Existing JetFuelX customers can continue to enjoy the benefits of this free service. If you are a ForeFlight customer, you can also login with your existing ForeFlight credentials and use the JetFuelX platform at no additional charge. New customers are encouraged to sign up for a free account at

Be sure to check out our helpful videos to get you up and running:


As always, we are on frequency at if you have any questions.

ForeFlight Lands at 2015 Army Aviation Summit

ForeFlight at Army Aviation Summit.

Team ForeFlight lands in Nashville this week to participate for the first time in the annual Army Aviation Summit. ForeFlight is all about making your flight mission easier,  safer, and more productive. Come by Booth 1902 for a full demonstration of our Military Flight Bag (MFB) electronic flight bag solution.

MFB is your all-in-one app for digital access to charts and maps, weather, route planning, document management, and more. MFB is an enhanced version of ForeFlight Mobile Pro that integrates the global data set of the DAFIF, D-FLIP publications, AQP pages, and geo-referenced D-FLIP terminal procedures, airport diagrams, and enroute charts.


We have extensive MFB deployments in the Army and Army National Guard, United States Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine Corps, with major deployments in Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC), US Coast Guard, and US Army Operational Support Airlift Agency.

We can help get your electronic flight bag program off the ground! Reach out using the form here or see us in Booth 1902 at the Summit. Let’s get going on your ForeFlight Military Flight Bag deployment!

Learn more at:

From the Archives: ForeFlight Mobile 1.0 B-Roll


A friend sent in this video today. This is some B-roll of the the first ForeFlight marketing video we ever shot of ForeFlight Mobile (back then it was called “ForeFlight iPhone Edition”): version 1.0 from 2007. This was back when “apps” for the iPhone were just web pages. Developers were not able to make native apps until the summer of 2008, when ForeFlight Mobile 2.0 launched.

ForeFlight and Able Flight Announce New Flight Training Scholarships

Able Logo w shad 2 largeWe are pleased to announce our continued support of Able Flight over the next three years via a new series of ForeFlight/Able Flight flight training scholarships. We admire and are inspired by the hard work and commitment the Able Flight pilots put forth to earn their wings. Helping Able Flight to transform the lives of people with disabilities through the gift of flight is a very rewarding way for us to give back to the aviation community.

Able Flight’s mission is to offer people with disabilities a unique way to challenge themselves through flight and aviation career training, and by doing so, to gain greater self-confidence and self-reliance.

The first recipient of the ForeFlight/Able Flight Scholarship will be in 2015. In addition, Able Flight will be hosting its Annual Benefit Party for the Scholarship Fund in ForeFlight’s headquarter city, Houston, TX, next May. To learn more about Able Flight and to apply for a scholarship, visit

Welcoming Scott Dennstaedt

At ForeFlight we know from first hand experience that weather plays a critical role in aviation and is often the number one worry that a pilot faces before and during flight.  To better serve that critical need, we are excited to announce that Scott Dennstaedt has joined the ForeFlight team.

Scott has been well-known for his aviation weather expertise for many years, and will now  lead the ForeFlight team in the role of Weather Scientist.  His background and experience as a CFI, research meteorologist, and founder of the excellent provide a unique set of qualifications that will help ForeFlight remain the gold standard among pilots for flight planning and in-flight support.

Scott’s overall mission will be to set the direction of the ForeFlight app with respect to aviation weather. This will include advancing the capabilities of the preflight weather briefing while increasing the pilot’s weather awareness in-flight.

We couldn’t be happier to have Scott on the team, and we’re excited to move the state-of-the-art forward in aviation weather.  If you have any ideas to pass along to Scott or the team, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

ForeFlight Lands in Portland, Maine

Hello, Portland!

Hello, Portland!

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Portland, Maine. Between the world-renowned seafood, active arts and cultural community, tech-friendly environment, and home to current ForeFlight engineers, Portland is a great place for a technology company to have a presence. With support from the Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development and the Casco Bay Tech Hub, Portland is emerging as an up and coming ‘under the radar’ technology hub.

We are looking for iOS OpenGL and GIS professionals interested in building innovative mapping and graphics technologies for aviation to join us. The ForeFlight Portland office is located on Union Street in the Historic Old Port area.

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EAA ForeFlight Scholarship Winners Announced

We had an overwhelming response to our two flight training scholarships with over 150 applicants! Thank you to everyone who participated. It was inspiring to hear from so many ambitious people who are eager to earn their wings. We are pleased to present the two finalists who will go on to pursue their flight training with a little help from ForeFlight. Here’s a brief snapshot of Jacob and Megan:

Megan Kerstein


At age fifteen Megan discovered her home in the sky when she flew with an instructor for the first time. Following that experience, Megan participated in the Southern Illinois University Summer Wings program where she logged five hours of flight time. Since then she has dreamt of finishing her primary flight training. Now nineteen years old, Megan wants to be a flight surgeon or aviation medicine physician, a path that will allow her to pursue both of her passions. Being a Naval or Air Force flight surgeon is in her sights, and beyond that Megan would like to use her license to volunteer for Angel Flight and Young Eagles.

Jacob Rasmussen


Jacob is an active sixteen year old who participates in choir, acting and directing theater productions, tennis, ballroom dancing, and is the youngest member of a numismatic investment and collecting club. Growing up with an Uncle and a Grandfather who were pilots was enough to give Jacob the desire to earn his wings. Jacob would like to become an air medical pilot with the same company for which his Grandfather flew. Helping others in emergency need will fulfill his desire to be a part of something bigger than himself. In addition, Jacob would like to build his own airplane one day. He is currently enrolled in ground school.

Stay tuned as we follow these two on their paths to becoming licensed Private Pilots.

ForeFlight Teams With EAA To Fund Two Flight Training Scholarships

We at ForeFlight are pleased to announce the availability of two $7500 flight training scholarships for individuals seeking their Private Pilot License.Learn to fly

Being a company made up of pilots and aviation enthusiasts, we value the Experimental Aircraft Association’s mission to share and promote the spirit of aviation. We appreciate our customers too, who remind us everyday of all the unique and wonderful opportunities that the aviation industry provides. We are happy to share our success by teaming up with the EAA to offer these scholarships. Apply today and tell us about the unique and wonderful ways you will use your license to fly!

We are looking for a remarkable 500-word written essay or video on the topic of “How I Will Use My License To Fly.” Submissions will be accepted starting May 8 through June 30, 2014 and the winners will be announced at the 2014 EAA AirVenture.

Full application requirements and submission instructions are available on the EAA website. Happy (future) flying!

ForeFlight Hack Week

A couple of weeks ago we held our biggest Hack Week yet at our co-headquarters in Austin, TX. All of the ForeFlight developers gathered to brainstorm, to plan future features, and to finish out existing features. And what would any self-respecting Hack Week be without a little food, fun, and fellowship (ok, a lot of food and fun).


Hack Weeks are an integral part of our culture of innovation. Many of our development team members are virtual workers, and so everyone together face-to-face brings a whole new energy and dynamic to the collaboration.

The Austin office, located in the heart of 6th Street, is an open workspace. Basically one big room where desks are spread throughout – no cubicle walls here. There is a comfortable seating area with a couch and chairs so folks can gather there for watching presentations or for ad hoc brainstorming. An evergreen kitchen is maintained with a steady flow of caffeine and snacks.

hack week food

Will code for food

And there is a ping pong table for recess.


Ping pong action

Each Hack day begins with a presentation by team members who are chosen to share their area of expertise with the rest of the team. After the presentation, everyone breaks into smaller groups to work on individual projects or to test out new ideas.

Hack Week also included our company holiday party. Our entire fabulous and fanatical Pilot Support Team (PST) was brought to Austin for the celebration. For all of you that have emailed, here are the faces behind that great support:


Your PST (L to R): Pete, Adrian, Janessa, Josh, Susan, Mark, Stanley (and Tyson).

The end of Hack Week signals a period of heads-down work as developers continue to prepare for the next big release of ForeFlight Mobile. Go forth and code!

Here at ForeFlight we are keeping our speed up and have lots more planned for 2014.