ForeFlight File! – Flight Plan Filing, ForeFlight style!

The team is pleased – well, we’re doing backflips we’re so excited – to announce the beta release of a feature we have been working on for quite some time now:

ForeFlight File!

ForeFlight File!

Filed plans listingFile! is the first flight plan filing application for the iPhone to hit the market and it is integrated with ForeFlight’s AF/D, weather and logbook features.  File! is relief for iPhone toting pilots who have been clamoring for a competent filing application that takes advantage of the iPhone’s unique user interface capabilities.

File! allows pilots (with a valid CSC DUATS account) to create, save, edit, and file flight plans with the FAA. File! keeps track of every flight plan you’ve filed so that you can use any historical flight as a template for a new one.  It also builds a database of aircraft you use in the background so that you don’t have to go through a “setup” process to get started.  Just log in and start filing, and File! intelligently figures out how YOU fly.
We’re especially proud of how easy it is to use – it works hard so that you can file plans on-the-go with minimal fuss. No more waiting on hold with 800-WX-BRIEF for 15 minutes – just tap and file! You’ll be able to see your filed flight in File! and we’ll also send you a confirmation via email.

Flight Plan editing

Want to try it out? You’ll need a DUATS account login as well as a ForeFlight account. Once you have those two fly on over to the beta sign up form to join our testers group. Then just log in to ForeFlight like normal and click on the new “More” link at the top. Click the File! icon to get started.

Keep in mind that during the beta period you may experience bugs here and there so please stick with us as we sort them out. Make sure you give us feedback on File! so we know what you like and what you don’t!