Flying the Big Iron

ForeFlight’s own Tyson Weihs spent a fun weekend at Continental’s training center in Houston, TX.

The weekend had him learning a huge amount about the Boeing 737 and even getting some simulator time – log-able sim time!  This same course was mentioned in both AOPA Pilot and AOPA Flight Training – both articles have Tyson’s picture!

As Tyson said, “ATOP should be on every pilot’s ‘bucket list’”.

Tyson in the Sim

2 thoughts on “Flying the Big Iron

  1. I did the ATOP program back when it was at United, what a great time! I second the vote that all pilots should add it to their list of things to do, and the price was really affordable when you think of all of the great knowledge and education you get out of it! That’s probably the last time I’ll ever get to shoot an ILS to full-stop landing at SFO in a 737-200!

  2. Dan –

    You can always go back and shoot an ILS in a 737-800! What’s truly amazing is how realistic the ‘kick’ in the seat feels when full power is applied. Apparently, Continental has ordered a new sim which uses electrically controlled actuators (vs hydraulic) that will result in even more sensitivity and realism.

    Wanye Phillips, the organizer of ATOP, is too funny. Remember the Trixi and Pedroni buttons?

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