Coming Soon for iPhone: Data Galore

We’re tired of lugging around big green AF/Ds and having to hit the FBO flight planning room for the preflight intelligence we need.  A mobile phone (i.e. iPhone) is capable of providing access to the information we need while remaining stylish and light weight.

We figured that we need to pack ForeFlight iPhone Edition with data covering more than 220 countries, 25,000 landing facilities, 9,000 FBOs, 11,000 transportation providers, and more.  We also figured that data needed to be refreshed every 28 days and be of the highest quality possible (not “scraped“). That would be pretty cool.  Maybe we’d even save a few trees in the process.

Well, we’ve done it, and it’s coming soon to an iPhone near you.  You’ll even be able to get data on Antarctica, if you’re thinking of flying your trusty 152 up there. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon for iPhone: Data Galore

  1. Just curious, Have you decided if this will this be Web App or Installable App (2.0 firmware) based? The ability to save a handful of airport diagrams, approach plates, weather maps, etc locally in an iPhone App would be a great way to access them while flying.


  2. We’re committed to building Installable Apps from here on out! Stay tuned.

  3. What happens to those of use who have been subscribers. Does the subscription stop and we buy Version 2.0? Just thought I should see how you were going to handle it.

    I’ve been using it on my iPhone and my Mac for a year now and wouldn’t fly without it. Thanks for the great work, ric

  4. Thanks Tyson, I was an annual subscriber from late July so this makes perfect sense. I’ll buy it today, ric

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