ForeFlight 2.0.3 released

Apple just posted the latest version of ForeFlight Mobile to the App Store!  This update includes quite a few changes.

Here’s a list of the main ones:

  • Corrected database updating problem for v2.0.2
  • Complete rewrite of “AF/D” view provides much easier and faster browsing of airports
  • Complete rewrite of “Recents” views to make them more responsive.  NOTE: your previous/old list of “recents” will be cleared out when applying this update
  • Complete rewrite of “Weather” view (renamed “Imagery”).  Now more responsive.  Also added Europe and South Africa imagery.
  • Improved location aware search view when in more rural areas
  • Improved flight rules determination for weather reports
  • Removed need to provide DUATS account information
  • New aircraft color-picker for Flight Plan form
  • Performance improvement when searching for airport by identifier
  • Now handles network availability changes more gracefully

To upgrade to the newest version please delete ForeFlight from your phone and re-purchase it.  You will not be charged for purchasing the same application twice – just make sure you use the same iTunes account.

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