ForeFlight 2.1 Released

Apple just posted the latest version of ForeFlight Mobile to the App Store!  This is our biggest update yet and includes a few substantial improvements.  One of the most significant new additions is that our global airport database is now stored right on your iPhone.  This includes data on approximately 27,000 airports and over 1,200 illustrated airport diagrams showing FBO locations.  We completely redesigned the airport information user interface and included additional airport and runway details, runway orientation graphics, operation hours, sunrise and sunset calculations, and more.

We have worked on version 2.1 for the past two months and spent many hours working to achieve a level of quality that reflects our core development and design objectives.  We had a crack team of beta testers helping us out with this release as well, and the result is an update we’re very excited to have made available.  A huge thanks to @Captain_Ron and Erik Hake for their invaluable feedback.

Here’s a list of the main new features:

  • Airport data for approximately 27,000 landing facilities stored on disk (Hooray !!!).
  • A download manager for keeping your database up to date (!!).
  • Completely redesigned airport information pages with more detail, visual runway orientation, and much more (!).
  • Greatly improved flight plan filing system, including Next and Previous buttons on the flight plan form, flight plan copy and delete, flight plan “fix” feature for those that fail to file for any reason, detailed email confirmations, and a filed confirmation code.
  • More weather imagery, including winds aloft.
  • Over 250 new airport thumbnail diagrams showing FBO locations on the field.
  • More airport details, including sunrise and sunset, timezones, operating hours, airport coordinates, and runway elevations.

Plus 131 bug fixes or additional feature enhancements such as:

  • Fixes to work better with firmware v2.2.
  • New “nearby airports” button on airport details view.
  • Visibility shown in weather summary on recents and nearby airports lists.
  • Minor fixes for route searching and viewing.
  • Performance improvements.
  • More phone numbers for AWOS/ATIS frequencies.
  • Data expiration information.

Race on over to the App Store and grab the update!

If you are a blogger or trade pub editor and would like to review ForeFlight Mobile 2.1, contact us for more information on obtaining access to evaluation copies.

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  1. Bill,
    W&B is not a feature of our products, but there are other apps in the App Store that provide that.

    the ForeFlight Team

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