ForeFlight Mobile v2.2 released

ForeFlight is pleased to announce a new release of ForeFlight Mobile is now available in the App Store.

Here’s what’s new:

  • More weather ensembles, including Alaska, Icing, Turbulence, PIREPS
  • Swipe-to-delete airports and routes from Recents lists
  • Improved memory management during database and image downloads
  • Improved zoom controls on loop doppler views
  • More frequent weather updating at the top of the hour so that new observations are displayed rapidly
  • Option to display weather first when tapping a recent airport and show wx report times as local (find these options in the main system settings application)
  • Substantially improved TAF and METAR processing
  • Flight plan email confirmations now include weather observations for departure and destination points
  • Dramatically improved server performance including database download times in as little as 30 seconds over cable modem or WiFi
  • Fixed issue where trying to view an approach plate or detailed airport diagram caused a crash
  • Keyboard shown for True Airspeed in file form is now the large number pad
  • Minor improvements to route searching and viewing
  • iPhone now prevented from dimming and going to sleep while downloading and installing new data
  • Bug fixes and additional performance improvements

9 thoughts on “ForeFlight Mobile v2.2 released

  1. Joseph,

    Exit the application to the home screen and press the standard silver “Settings” icon – the one you use for configuring all the other parts of the phone such as mail, safari, etc.

  2. On the local time settings, I have gone to the main settings area and chose “Show Local Times” I than did a reboot of the Iphone
    When I go back to the program the the Forcast page still shows the current time in ZULU time

    All the forecast times do not show up but have to be pulled out of the FAA METAR

    Really not helpful

  3. You guys continue to do a great job with the updates that are coming. One feature request… How about TFR data? That’s the primary missing item to hold me back from getting all the data i need directly in the app.

  4. Does the “show wx report times as local” apply to METARS and TAFS? If so, I am not able to get this feature to work. If not then to what does this new feature apply? Great app – use it all the time!!

  5. Andy and Lessing, thanks for the kind words!

    We already have TFR data in the system (check out the NOTAMs view for an airport) and have plans to improve that feature over time.

    As for the local times feature we have to make a change on our server to get that working – we will do that soon. There will be no need to update your copy of ForeFlight to get that feature, we just need to activate it on the server.

  6. Thank you so much for your reply and credit to the iTunes store. That’s fantastic customer service, and I very much appreciate it.

    • Jerry,

      Once you are synced with iTunes you can right-click (or ctrl-click in OS X) on the application icon in the Applications section of iTunes. From there choose “Get Info” and check the Summary tab to find the version number.

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