iPad Flight Plan Filing and Briefing, Version 3.4

ForeFlight Mobile HD 3.4 has landed in the iTunes App Store and brings full-screen flight plan filing and briefing to the iPad. Customers who have enjoyed filing flight plans on their iPhones will be delighted to find ForeFlight 3.4 on the iPad importing all previously filed plans. Download your plans, copy a favorite, update the departure time, brief it, and you’re off.

In designing filing and briefing for the iPad, we stepped back to create a feature that compliments the iPad’s remarkable screen size and user interface patterns. Gems include:

  • popovers for aircraft selection, departure time, time enroute, and fuel aboard;
  • optimized experience that reduced the number of taps and touches required to complete a plan by a factor of two;
  • developed a full screen briefing view with page controls for navigating through briefing sections; developed an integrated aircraft management function so you can stay on the form and manage your aircraft list;
  • intelligent organization so you can see plans you filed today, last week, last month, or those that are upcoming;
  • support for flight planning more than 24 hours in advance.

We wanted the experience of briefing and filing to be frustration free and fast. We measured taps and touches, put the new interface in the hands of nearly a dozen pilots to identify hangups and wrinkles that needed ironing out, and ended up with a feature we think you will enjoy.

As an added benefit, we tied the iPad and iPhone to your ForeFlight account so that no matter which device you file from – an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad – your flight plans are always safely on file with ForeFlight, DUATS, and the FAA.  Triple protection and peace of mind.

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Version 3.4 included a couple of other minor enhancements, including:

✣ A new refresh button on the iPad’s Maps view, allowing you to refresh weather more frequently when desired.
✣ Support for ADDS/NWS G-AIRMET imagery.
✣ Fixed a bug where plates would clip after rotation.
✣ Fixed a bug that would allow maps to over-zoom.
We’re taking time with each iPad feature to ensure that it looks right at home and also raises the bar for what you expect an iPad aviation app to do