ForeFlight 3.5.2: iPad Aviation Gains Altitude

ForeFlight Mobile HD v3.5.2 is in the App Store!  This version brings some welcomed improvements and performance refinements to our flagship iPhone and iPad app for pilots.

Major New Features:
✣ All new terminal procedure viewer with faster loading, tap to zoom, fit to page and full-screen view, auto-hiding menu, favorites, improved rotation support, intelligent image sharpening, and recent procedures
✣ 4X improvement in radar/satellite load speed
Other Features and Bug Fixes:
✣ Fixed a bug causing “Cannot Connect to ForeFlight” to appear on a map in certain cases, added a button to dismiss the message
✣ Reverted to dark earthen basemap for satellite and radar
✣ Updated airport page, showing higher priority information like frequencies, fuel availability, approach types,  “above the fold”
✣ Routes can now include a waypoint/bearing/distance point, like FLW/320/15
✣ Performance improvements all around

Click here for instructions on how to update to v3.5.2.