Aviation Touch Planning on the iPad with ForeFlight Mobile HD 3.6

Attention pilots: the “Touch Planning” release is here! ForeFlight Mobile HD v3.6 is now available in the App Store. Tap out flight plans in seconds with your fingers, bend routes around weather, move waypoints, delete waypoints, and more. “Touch Plan” your flight to Airventure, send us a screenshot, and we’ll post it on the ForeFlight Facebook Page!


Please note: touch planning is an iPad-only feature for now. We hope to add it to the iPhone version in a future release.

Touch Planning Instructions [Video]:
* Tap-and-hold anywhere on the map until a pop-up appears. Select the lat/lon location under your finger, or select one of the nearby locations.
* Tap-and-hold somewhere else on the map and select the location. This location will be added to your route.
* Tap-and-hold the route line until it changes color, then drag to break and bend the route.
* Tap-and-hold a location marker to move it or delete it.
* Rinse and repeat for silky smooth flight plans!

This version also introduces “Bring your Own Procedures” (BYOP). Build a zip file of PDFs you want to display within an Airport’s procedures list – terminal procedures from your home country, specialized kneeboard PDFs, airport diagrams showing incursion hotspots, classified military guides, or procedures from other digital sources. Any PDF is supported. View the ForeFlight Support web site for full instructions.

Additional Features in ForeFlight Mobile v3.6
✣ Fast app switching for iPhone OS 4
✣ Enhanced graphics for iPhone 4’s retina display
✣ GPS position tracking activates on Maps view automatically now
✣ New “Cockpit” button on moving map to engage the heads up display (iPad-only); targeting location now toggles auto-center mode
✣ Worldwide international navigational aids (search for country code, a colon, then the navaid IDENT, e.g. “CA:2Z”)
✣ In Settings, select whether to use the white street basemap or dark basemap when viewing Radar and Satellite Maps
✣ In Settings, select your preferred latitude/longitude display format
✣ Enhanced FBO fuel availability information
✣ Gulf of Mexico block navigation data for Bristow, PHI, and other GOM transport providers supporting gulf drilling operations

Ready to join the iPad Aviation Revolution?  ForeFlight Mobile HD is a free download in the App Store and includes the first 30 days of your subscription.

Already a ForeFlighter?  View instructions for how to update to the app.

Important Note for Users Updating to v3.6.
After updating the app, please check the Accounts screen to make sure your expiration date is correct. We are seeing an occasional bug during app updates where the account information is lost. If this happens, please sign in using your ForeFlight Account information.

Please be assured we are doing everything we can to track down this bug and get it fixed. If you run into any problems, email us and we will get you back up and running ASAP.