ForeFlight Mobile HD 3.7 with Airport Fuel Prices, Airways, SID/STAR, Direct-To, and iPhone Touch Planning

ForeFlight Mobile HD version 3.7 is now available! Download it today from the App Store and grab the latest version of the user manual.

This update is a big one, delivering a breadth of new functionality to both the iPad and iPhone. Included are features we have all wanted for a while – like airway ‘cracking’, airport fuel prices, and FBO comments. Also, our iPhone-only customers have patiently awaited the iPad’s touch planning capabilities.  Today, their wait is over – this release includes fully integrated touch planning on the iPhone. The first time we saw it, we were pretty excited. Hopefully it blows your hair back a bit!

We took our time with each of these big new features and added some very ForeFlight-esque user experience gems along the way. We also polished up some of our screens, giving them a fresh face to improve contrast and readability.

On our team and in the ForeFlight community, we’re using iPads and iPhones more often than browsers now when planning flights. The new features in version 3.7 bring even more resources to your devices, allowing you to further cut the cord from your browser and desktop computer. With the introduction of iPhone and iPad airport fuel prices, airway support, FBO comments, and more in version 3.7, you will be more productive with ForeFlight HD than ever before!

First, here’s a short video introducing the big new features:

Fuel Prices and Fuel Updates

We’re really excited to bring fuel prices to ForeFlight Mobile, and we’ve added this feature in a very ForeFlight way. Not only do we provide 100LL/JetA fuel prices for thousands of FBOs, but ForeFlight customers can submit their own price updates. Coverage is awesome, and includes more than 2,300 FBOs across the US and Canada, showing prices in the appropriate currency and measurement units.

We built two new fuel price maps – a 100LL map and a Jet-A map – that show you the lowest prices at any given airport and, via some statistical magic, dynamically color code the prices region.  It shows what’s most economical (green), average (yellow), and expensive (red) according to the region in which the FBO is located. Expensive in Texas may be cheap in California, so ForeFlight dynamically adjusts the display for regional differences.

FBO and Airport Comments

ForeFlight users are some of the smartest pilots on the runway. Learn from their experience by viewing comments for an airport or an FBO.  Have something to share?  Submit your own comment about an airport or FBO from inside the app. We review all comments to ensure they are courteous and professional, and the usually appear in the app within 24 hours.

Airway and SID/STAR Support

ForeFlight Mobile HD now supports airways (victor, jet, etc). The app supports complex, multi-runway departures, entrances and exits from airways,  and even allows round-trip-editing with touch planning. Have you ever wanted to see where an entire airway runs from and to? Search for just an airway identifier to see all its elements on the map (try V16 in the Maps view) or include an airway in the middle of your routing.  Airways require a start and end point when used in a route, for example: MOONN V90 DKK

3.7 also includes SID/STAR support in the Routes and Maps view. For example, type in KCLT 36R.MERIL5 RDU J209 ORF J121 SIE CAMRN4 KJFK. Want to see what other pilots are flying? View cleared ATC routes from a departure to a destination, and cycle through each of the available options to see the route of flight with all airway and waypoints drawn on the map.

Always refer to the official arrival/departure plate from the Airport view, as the ForeFlight Maps view is not able to show vectors, altitude info, and certain other details you’ll need.  If an arrival or departure requires a particular runway input, you will be prompted to provide it, with an example.

Revamped Maps with Direct-To and iPhone Touch Planning

We rewrote our map engine to make it more flexible and support some great new features.  Direct-To is available from a waypoint or directly from touch planning.  Just tap the direct-to D to get a direct-to-routing. You can also jump directly from a waypoint to the Airports details page by tapping the blue > icon.

With 3.7, touch planning is now available for the iPhone.  This works just like touch planning on the iPad – we were all blown away the first time we saw it in action.

Simplified Download Settings and Turbo Mode

The download settings are now greatly simplified: just pick your regions once, the data you care about once, then hit Download to grab the data. You no longer need to select individual states within each catalog. If you’re upgrading from an earlier version, all of your settings will be migrated to the new system.

Users with an iPad, iPhone 3GS, or iPhone 4 can take advantage of turbo downloads. Depending on your connection speed, up to four downloads will run at the same time. And no matter what device you’re running on, VFR and IFR charts will install much faster than earlier versions – usually in under a second!

Other Enhancements:

  • More runway details including displaced threshold lengths, runway headings, and more.
  • ATC routes now load in Maps when selected.
  • Edit button on File & Brief to easily delete flight plants.
  • Maps button on File & Brief to jump over to maps and visualize your route of flight.
  • Sunrise/set times now honor the “show local times” on/off setting.
  • Over 60 new high-res images for iPhone 4’s retina screen.  Almost all of the images have been converted now.
  • Freshened the design of the airport, METAR, TAF, and FBO views for a cleaner and more compact look.
  • Support for DUATS’ degree and min lat/lon in Routes/Maps. Ex: 3006/-08045
  • Support for a new waypoint/bearing/distance format in Routes/Maps.  Ex: GSO230015
  • ScratchPad uses slightly smaller line when drawing.

Bug fixes:

  • Better handling of downloads with low disk space.
  • Faster deletion of downloads.
  • Fixed bug on Maps where current location indicator and pop-ups appeared beneath route line.
  • Fixed bug on main iPhone screen where badge indicator had black background instead of a pretty shadow.
  • Fixed bug on iPhone with per-airport downloads of procedures.

The Pilot’s Guide to ForeFlight Mobile

We’ve updated our user manual, the Pilot’s Guide to ForeFlight Mobile HD.  Click here to get the latest version of the manual.

How to Get 3.7

New to ForeFlight?  Download ForeFlight Mobile HD today from the App Store!

Already have the app?  Follow these instructions for updating the app on your iPad or iPhone.

Need a group plan or backup subscription? View group pricing here.

6 thoughts on “ForeFlight Mobile HD 3.7 with Airport Fuel Prices, Airways, SID/STAR, Direct-To, and iPhone Touch Planning

  1. Update 3.7 is awesome! This adds almost all the features I wanted! The only thing that is missing is being able to rotate the charts without rotating the whole iPad and the ability to dim the screen within the program like the kindle and iBooks apps do. Then this app would be 100% !!

  2. SUPERB UPDATE! And the FUEL prices are a GREAT addition! Thanks a bunch.

    With the new routing feature, how does one get airport info on an airport not in the flt plan without adding it to the plan?

    And one other MAJOR improvement needed, which Im sure you’re working on. And that’s the legends and info pages that give SUA, MOA and RESTRICTED airspace altitudes.

  3. Is there a way to update fuel prices using your website? There are a couple of places i fly into that have wired internet access, but no wifi. And i have a wifi-only ipad…but i’d like to use the airport’s internet browser to update fuel prices on the spot.

  4. Great new version!!!!

    In future upgrades can you include the web address for FBO’s in you database that can be linked directly into safari so that one can go to the FBO web site from your app?

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