ForeFlight HD 3.8 with Terminal Procedure Printing, Offline NOTAMs, and Improved Airway Support

ForeFlight Mobile HD version 3.8 is now available for your iPad and iPhone! Download it today from the App Store and grab the latest update to the user manual.

Here is a rundown of the new features and bug fixes in 3.8:

  • Print Instrument Procedures with iOS 4.2 AirPrint (iPad only).  Only a small number of printers are supported now, but Apple is working to add more in the future.
  • NOTAMs are saved to your device after viewing.
  • Native city- or airport name-based search – no internet connection required. Put quotes around multi-word queries like “San Diego”.
  • Redesigned N-number/aircraft search with improved Aircraft views.
  • Soft-lock on procedures view now locks rotation on iPad, since the iPad lock-switch is now a mute switch in iOS 4.2.
  • iOS 4.2 compatibility with better fast-app switching support for iPad.
  • Improved airway support
    • Detection of intersection automatically when two airways put side by side
    • Automatically uses closest VOR on airway as exit/entry point when airport is adjacent to an airway in a route
    • Better support for joining airway to SID/STAR
  • Improved SID/STAR support (e.g. fixed issue where some waypoints would repeat).
  • Better performance in flight plan filing form on iOS 4.2 and fix for possible crash when exiting form on iPhone.
  • Fixed bug where BYOP procedures are not accessible from Favorites and Recents.
  • Fixed bug where maps would get clipped after rotating iPad on another view.
  • Fixed location tracking bug.
  • New settings (see ForeFlight section in iPad Settings app)
    • Change type of aircraft shown on Maps when in motion.
    • Disable auto-hide of toolbar in full screen approach plate viewer.
  • Fixed issue preventing a tap of the top status/time bar from scrolling to top of view in Airport details (iPhone).

The Pilot’s Guide to ForeFlight Mobile

We’ve updated our user manual, the Pilot’s Guide to ForeFlight Mobile HD.  Click here to get the latest version of the manual.

How to Get 3.8

New to ForeFlight?  Download ForeFlight Mobile HD today from the App Store!

Already have the app?  Follow these instructions for updating the app on your iPad or iPhone.

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