Mid-Cycle Update Available, ForeFlighters Helping FAA AeroNav

With the 4.0 release out, it is awesome to see how fast ForeFlighter’s can spot and report any data related issues. As a result of this nearly instant feedback on the new 4.0 features and data, we submitted more than a dozen updates to the FAA’s AeroNav division to make changes and enhancements to their navigational database products.

Your feedback is driving improvements to data and having and will likely influence the priority with which new information gets included in the FAA’s digital databases. We’ll soon be seeing new airspace content, like TSRAs and certain restricted airspaces that currently aren’t available in the FAA’s releasable digital databases.

Since corrections take time to work their way into the FAA databases released to ForeFlight, we’ve applied our own temporary corrections and are making those available – along with some improvements we’ve made to our seamless enroute charts – via a mid-cycle database update.

Get the latest update by visiting the Downloads tab in ForeFlight Mobile 4 and tap the green “Download” button. That will load ForeFlight 4 with the latest charts and databases. Some of the changes include:

  • A correction for an FAA coding error in the FAA for airport F24, which resulted in terminal procedures being associated with airport ident KMNE (an invalid airport identifier).
  • A correction for an FAA coding error in the FAA Data for the KSFO Class B Area I airspace, where the FAA database had coded the ceiling as 1,000′ MSL instead of 10,000′ MSL.
  • A correction for the Phoenix Area U airspace that resulted in the display of wider class B airspace vertical limits.
  • A correction for geo-referencing in the KEDW taxi diagram.
  • Adjusting the ordering of the seamless charts for some VFR and IFR charts in the North East.
  • Providing the Hawaii Low Enroute IFR charts.