ForeFlight Expands IFR Coverage to Canada!

We are thrilled to announce that ForeFlight has expanded to Canada! Over the past year, we worked alongside NAV CANADA to add IFR en-route charts and terminal procedures to ForeFlight Mobile for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. ForeFlight is the first app for Apple iOS products that provides sanctioned in-flight access to NAV CANADA charting products. Canadian charting is supported in version 4.1 of ForeFlight Mobile, which is available for download today from the iTunes App Store.

The Canadian IFR charting products are available through a new ForeFlight Canada subscription plan. Pilots new to ForeFlight can purchase a subscription from within ForeFlight Mobile or directly from the ForeFlight website. Pilots who already subscribe to ForeFlight Mobile can make changes to their subscription and add the ForeFlight Canada option at

A big win over the past year in working with NAV CANADA is that the digital charts are authorized for use in IFR flights, subject to Part VI of the Canadian Aviation Regulations. Canadian operators who wish to use ForeFlight and its NAV CANADA charting products can obtain authorization by following the guidance materials contained in FAA Order 8900, OPSPEC/MSPEC/LOA A061, and FAA Advisory Circular 120-76A.

The ForeFlight Canada subscription plan costs $149.99 per year, with special plans and pricing available for corporate flight departments and operators purchasing multiple subscriptions. ForeFlight is working with NAV CANADA on changes to its Visual Navigation Charts, as well as the Aviation Flight Supplement, so that those products can also make their way onto iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices.

ForeFlight Mobile 4.1 is available in the App Store for download. We recommend all users update to the latest version.

A copy of the press release is available here: ForeFlight Canada Press Release