ForeFlight Launches ForeFlight Manage™

We are excited to announce the official launch of ForeFlight Manage™, an online portal for individual and business aviation customers that provides access to account information and ForeFlight Mobile subscription, pilot, and device management tools.

ForeFlight Mobile customers can access ForeFlight Manage™ online today at

The growth of our individual and corporate customer base has provided us a number of opportunities to observe large iPad deployments, which means we have learned much about the tools required to successfully manage devices when flight departments or business aviation customer deploying tens or even hundreds of iPads. In addition to supporting many individual pilots, ForeFlight also supports many Fortune 500 corporate flight departments, fractional operators, charter operators, and government customers ranging from the FAA to the FBI. ForeFlight Manage™ delivers a set of management tools and an online platform both individual and business aviation customers can use to simplify ForeFlight account and deployment management.

From within ForeFlight Manage™, customers can review past purchases and invoices, one-click upgrade to add account features, add and remove pilots, and manage iOS devices. ForeFlight Manage™ eliminates software license key management, allowing customer deployment managers and pilots to access ForeFlight services using a shared or individual account email address and password.

ForeFlight Manage™ uses an email invitation workflow to provision new pilots, simplifying the process with which new pilots are granted access to ForeFlight Mobile. Pilots are added or removed from ForeFlight Manage™ by flight department managers at any time. Flight department managers can view iOS devices in use, remotely deactivate subscriptions on devices that no longer need access, and easily upgrade subscription services.

The adoption of iPads in flight operations requires tools that make daily flight department operations more efficient, and ForeFlight Manage™ – along with a long list of planned future capabilities – is designed to meet operational efficiency needs. If your flight operation is interested in learning about what the future holds, contact us at

A formal press release announcing ForeFlight Manage™ is available for download here.