ForeFlight Mobile 4.7 Lands in App Store, Adds Runway Proximity Advisor, X-Plane Support

ForeFlight Mobile 4.7 is now available for download from App Store. This release introduces a new advisor that we hope helps reduce runway incursions – the Runway Proximity Advisor. Other features include seamless integration with X-Plane 10.11, scratchpad improvements, and the latest bug fixes.

Runway Proximity Advisor

The Runway Proximity Advisor is a visual and audio alerting feature – designed to help reduce runway incursions – that advises you when ForeFlight Mobile predicts your aircraft is approaching, entering, or crossing a runway.

Runway Proximity Advisor will display a visual alert on any ForeFlight screen and announce the name of the runway you are approaching, entering, or crossing. ForeFlight Mobile is aware of hold-short locations and offsets (e.g. on high speed taxiways) for certain airports, resulting in more precise annunciations at those airports.  Here are a few screenshots of the RPA in action:

A bluetooth aviation headset capable of utilizing the Bluetooth audio streams from iOS – such as the recently released Lightspeed Zulu.2 – is required for audio alerts. Headsets with an “aux in” port are compatible using a standard 3.5mm audio cable. We’ll update the list of compatible headsets as we hear from different headset manufacturers.

Runway Proximity Advisor was made possible through the FAA’s sponsored research of MITRE, which laid the groundwork for this helpful safety feature. ForeFlight enhanced the original deliverable by adding more airport coverage, corrections, and a commitment to ongoing maintenance of the underlying airport geospatial data that drives RPA.

X-Plane 10 Integration

We are excited to be working with companies to make it easier to integrate ForeFlight Mobile into the flight simulation and training environment. Combining ground-based flight simulators and ForeFlight Mobile is a great way to improve iPad proficiency and enhance the simulation experience. ForeFlighter’s regularly train in FAA approved ATDs like the RedBird Flight Simulator and we use X-Plane in our labs for testing new features like Runway Procedure Advisor.

Today we are happy to announce integration with X-Plane 10. ForeFlight and the makers of X-Plane collaborated to enable seamless, wireless integration of ForeFlight Mobile and X-Plane 10. The latest point release of X-Plane 10 – version 10.11 – includes a configuration option right inside X-Plane that enables it to transmit position and other data to ForeFlight Mobile. Enable ForeFlight Mobile integration under the Net Connections > Data menu in X-Plane 10.11.

Learn more about X-Plane at Download the latest version here.


With this release, Scratchpad gets some long overdue love. The Scratchpad now includes a settings option that lets you select stroke width. Re-drawing is also fixed, meaning no more waiting for your scratchpad to redraw the last notes you jotted.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some aircraft profile information from being transferred to route searches.
  • Fixed a bug where winds aloft effects were not computed for certain routes.
  • Fixed a bug where route searches always defaulted to GPH.
  • An alert is displayed if your system clock setting is incorrect. Some customers made manual adjustments to time zone, which can result in the display of inaccurate weather age information.

ForeFlight Mobile 4.7 is a free update for current subscribers. Click here for instructions on updating to the latest version. Please review the updated Pilot’s Guide for more detailed information, available on our website or inside the app in the Documents view. This release also includes important bug fixes, and we recommend that all customers update.

As always, enjoy!