Bulletin: TFR Map updates temporarily unavailable

UPDATE: The FAA’s TFR website came back online on Friday Nov 16.  The TFR Map in ForeFlight Mobile is now updating correctly.

Due to an error with the FAA’s TFR website, updates to the TFR Map inside ForeFlight Mobile are temporarily unavailable.  New TFRs issued after 23:00Z on Tuesday Nov 13 are not showing up on the Map view inside ForeFlight Mobile.

This does not impact briefings, and we recommend that all ForeFlight pilots retrieve a briefing before flights. The latest  TFRs will be included in your DUATS briefing, available in the File & Brief view and sent to you via email when you file a briefing inside ForeFlight.  Additionally, you can see active TFRs for the area in the Airports view under NOTAMs (this lists all active TFRs for the control center, not just the ones impacting the airport).

We are in contact with the FAA, but have not received a concrete estimate on when the FAA TFR website will be fixed.  We are currently working on integrating a secondary source for TFR information.  We will post more information here as it becomes available.