ForeFlight Documents, Now Available for Everyone!

Last year we launched a cloud documents solution for corporate flight departments. We’re now ready to roll that out to all ForeFlight customers. With a Dropbox account, you can save documents in the cloud and access them within the Documents view in ForeFlight. Enjoy!

About ForeFlight Documents

ForeFlight Documents is the simple, speedy way to store documents in the cloud, access them in ForeFlight Mobile for iPad, and keep them in sync. ForeFlight Documents lets you publish and update documents with a simple drag-and-drop. ForeFlight Documents gives you our your flight department secure mobile device document management via the cloud, integrated right into the easy-to-use Documents view.

How it Works

To keep things fast and simple, we integrate with Dropbox for managing your document files. Dropbox is an inexpensive service that lets you securely manage and share files. The basic free Dropbox service includes 2GB of storage, which is sufficient for individuals, most flight departments, and even some airlines. Additional storage can be purchased directly from Dropbox.

After adding ForeFlight Documents to your subscription, you are prompted to create a Dropbox account for your personal or flight department account (or to link your current Dropbox account if you have one). For easiest access, install the Dropbox desktop client on your personal computer or a designated “management” computer. Then simply drag-and-drop documents (PDFs or images, such as .jpg, .png, .gif) into the ForeFlight folder in your Dropbox. You can also upload documents using the Dropbox website uploader.

Within minutes, our servers securely publish the catalog of your documents to everyone on your ForeFlight subscription. Your pilots can then download the documents directly to ForeFlight Mobile on their iPads.

Updates to existing documents are just as easy. Simply update the document in your Dropbox folder, and all of your pilots will be prompted to download an update on their iPad inside ForeFlight Mobile.

Get Started With Documents Today!

ForeFlight Documents is included with ForeFlight USA Pro or ForeFlight Canada subscriptions.

If you already have a ForeFlight Pro or ForeFlight Canada account, start taking advantage of ForeFlight Documents today by signing into and clicking on the Documents tab.

ForeFlight Basic customers can upgrade their subscription to ForeFlight Pro to add Documents as well as TrueTaxi and TruePlates features by signing into your account at, click “Subscribe”, and then “Upgrade my Plan”. Check “Pro” under Features and complete your purchase.