Traffic! Traffic! Stratus 2!

Today at Sun ‘n Fun we are announcing that traffic support will land in ForeFlight Mobile 5.1, available in late April. Along with the traffic announcement, we are announcing support for the second generation Stratus 2, unveiled at Sun ‘n Fun today.

When connected to the all-new Stratus 2 dual-band ADS-B AHRS receiver, ForeFlight Mobile 5.1 will display air-to-air, ADS-R, and TIS-B traffic. ForeFlight’s traffic system supports mixed-mode traffic display of both directional and nondirectional targets, and our TrafficTrend™ technology shows the predicted path of traffic and is dynamically updated as target information is received.

Stratus 2

Here are some screenshots of the new Traffic map we took on our flight down to Sun ‘n Fun on Sunday:

ForeFlight Mobile 5.1 will also unlock traffic on the first generation Stratus portable ADS-B receiver. With certified ADS-B out options now available for aircraft, pilots can equip with an “out” transponder – such as the FreeFlight Ranger TX –  and get a very useful traffic picture. Without this “out” equipment, however, pertinent traffic is rarely visible since ADS-B towers remain silent until contacted by an aircraft equipped with ADS-B “out” capability.

ForeFlight Mobile has evolved rapidly this year, adding capabilities that bring additional in-flight productivity and enhanced situational awareness. With the addition of support for Stratus 2, pilots have a robust, affordable, and high-performance pre-flight and in-flight solution that delivers terrain awareness, obstacle avoidance, runway selection advice, traffic awareness, TFR avoidance, in-flight weather display, and more.

Stop by our booth at Sun ‘n Fun (C-092 and C-093) to see Stratus 2 and a demonstration of the latest features from ForeFlight Mobile 5.0.

ForeFlight Mobile 5.1 and Stratus 2 will ship in late April. You can purchase a Stratus 2 online directly from Appareo or Sporty’s for $899. The first-generation Stratus is now priced at $699.