ForeFlight Mobile Update Expands Enroute Chart Coverage and Adds Enhanced Document Syncing

The last update of the year – ForeFlight Mobile 5.5 – is now available for download from App Store. This is our twentieth software release this year and a great cap to a year full of ForeFlight Mobile improvements.

ForeFlight Mobile 5.5 expands planning chart coverage and also improves our popular cloud document syncing feature. The new charts are available to USA Standard and Pro subscribers. Document syncing requires a Pro subscription, available here.

Caribbean and Mexico Enroute charts added

For those of you flying to the Caribbean or Mexico, ForeFlight now supports the entire FAA library of Low and High Enroute charts and Area charts for these regions. Coverage includes all of Mexico from Baja to Panama, as well as the Caribbean from the Bahamas to Barbados. Here are some screenshots of the new Caribbean and Mexico chart options:


Oceanic, Planning charts added

In addition, ForeFlight Mobile now includes the North Atlantic (NARC), Western Atlantic (WATRS), and North Pacific (PORC) transoceanic route planning charts. These charts show control areas, established intercontinental air routes, coastal navigation aids, and reporting points. Here are some screenshots of the new transoceanic coverage:


The US Enroute chart coverage is also complete with the East and West coast IFR Planning charts:

US IFR Planning charts

US IFR Planning charts

The chart legends for all of the new charts are accessible via a Maps setting:

Chart legends map view setting with legend shown on low enroute chart

Chart legends map view setting with legend shown on low enroute chart

Document syncing enhanced

The document syncing enhancements deliver two new capabilities frequently requested by flight departments, flight schools, and power-users storing a large number of documents in the cloud:

  1. Ensure that any documents added to the cloud are delivered to ForeFlight Mobile, and
  2. Ensure that any documents removed from the cloud are removed from every device.

Document syncing makes it easier to keep pilot iPads loaded with current documents, and the documents that are no longer needed are intelligently removed.

A common use for this feature is delivering an updated operations manual or aircraft flight manual to all pilots. Often times, these documents are renamed to reflect when they were last updated, for example “Diamond DA40 AFM 2013-12-25.pdf”. With document syncing, the new aircraft manual is delivered to all pilot or customer iPads and the old manual is automatically removed the next time ForeFlight Mobile connects to the Internet. This reduces the chances old documents hang around on pilot iPads.

We made it easier to see all the cloud documents stored on your iPad through a feature we call Smart Binders. When you connect your ForeFlight account to your Dropbox cloud folder, a Smart Binder is automatically added to Documents. When selected, the Smart Binder shows all of your Dropbox documents in a single view, making it easier to browse the entire collection of cloud documents.


Document syncing benefits flight departments managing compliance, flight schools that want to share documents with their customers, and Pro users that store flight manuals, checklists, power setting references, or any other document needed when flying.

You can read about the enhanced document syncing features in the ForeFlight Mobile Pilot’s guide. If you’d like to use the cloud Document system, you can upgrade to ForeFlight Mobile Pro here.

ForeFlight Mobile 5.5 is a free update for current subscribers. Click here for instructions on updating to the latest version.