iOS 6 Required Starting February 1

Apple is introducing iOS development changes soon and we want to make sure you are aware of them. Starting in February, updates submitted to App Store by all app developers will require iOS 6 as a minimum version. After February 1, any app updates we submit to App Store will require iOS 6. Customers running older versions of iOS will continue to be able to download the last supported version of any app for their iOS version, but they will not be able to download new updates with new features. All customers will continue to receive data updates and support for existing features, but new features will only be available on iOS 6 or above.

iOS 6 is supported by iPad 2 and above, and iPhone 3GS and above.  However, iPad 1 isn’t able to upgrade to iOS 6. For those of you on iPad 1, we encourage you to consider an upgrade. The newest iPad hardware is up to 50x faster than the original iPad introduced in 2010. Technology has evolved very rapidly since then, bringing better screens, more efficient processors, 64-bit mobile computing power, improved wireless performance, wireless sharing of data, and fast cloud backups.

In addition, Apple’s release of iOS 7 was the most significant iOS operating system update in years. It brings a slate of new functionality that developers like ForeFlight can access to make app experiences better. We have seen a remarkable adoption rate as 75% of active devices utilizing ForeFlight Mobile now run iOS 7.0 or greater. We have put together an iPad and accessory buying guide for your reference here.

We are on frequency at to answer any questions you may have about ForeFlight Mobile or the coming changes to iOS development.