Bulletin: February 6, 2014 Data Updates

Data updates are now available to download for the Feb 6, 2014 – Mar 6, 2014 and Feb 6, 2014 – Apr 3, 2014 periods:

  • Airport and Navigation Database
  • FAA VFR Charts and Terminal Area Charts
  • FAA High and Low Enroutes, Area Charts
  • FAA Ocean Planning Charts
  • FAA Taxi Diagrams
  • FAA Terminal Procedures
  • FAA Documents – including new Advisory Circulars on Icing Conditions and Laser Illumination of Aircraft.
  • NAV CANADA Instrument Procedures from the CAP and RCAP
  • NAV CANADA High and Low Enroutes
  • NAV CANADA Documents – now including the French CAP GEN and new ICAO Flight Plan Document.

All customers will be prompted to download these updates inside of ForeFlight Mobile.