Bulletin: Feb 6 FAA Arrivals

We discovered errors in the digital terminal procedures data files the FAA published for the Feb. 6 data cycle. The FAA omitted arrival procedure information for some airports. We alerted the FAA as soon as this error was discovered.

The FAA has published corrected files, and we have issued a new Airport Database to correct this issue.  Please open ForeFlight Mobile on your iPad or iPhone, tap on More -> Downloads, and download “Airport Database (Feb 6 Update)”.  It is not necessary to download any new terminal procedures, as they were all included in the per-state plate downloads.

The FAA also issued a new version of the KGUS (Gunnion-Crested Butte) VOR/GPS-A approach plate. If you have selected Colorado in your download settings, you will automatically be prompted to download the new “Colorado (Feb 6 Update)” terminal procedures.

Please email us at team@foreflight.com with any questions.