Synthetic Vision Advances ForeFlight Mobile’s Hazard Awareness Platform

Features like luminous terrain, night sky, hands-free declutter, and a brilliant obstacle awareness system make ForeFlight Synthetic Vision a visually stunning and high-performance hazard awareness tool. Synthetic Vision plans are available on the iPad with ForeFlight Mobile version 6.6 or later and are available for United States and Canada coverages. Synthetic Vision takes our hazard awareness platform to the next level with a three dimensional representation of terrain and obstacle hazards, airport markers, runways, and water features. Learn more about Synthetic Vision here.

Watch the Video

In this video, mapping team member and lead developer for Synthetic Vision, Malcolm Toon, highlights some of its stunning features.

Refined Features to Exceed Your Expectations

We think you’ll agree with Malcolm that ForeFlight’s Synthetic Vision goes well beyond the basics by delivering an SV view that is as visually elegant and fun to fly with as it is useful in the cockpit.

Stunning terrain

800x600-refined-terrainWe have learned over the years that what may look good sitting at a desk in front of the simulator isn’t always what will be functional in the cockpit. Our developers took synthetic vision to the air for extensive testing, making real-time adjustments while in flight to refine terrain shading and contours for the best view in all lighting conditions. The shading from peaks to valleys gives depth and realism. The grid lines provide East/West and North/South directional awareness and more clearly define the ups and downs of rolling terrain.

Flexible views

Synthetic Vision works in both split screen and a beautiful full-screen mode. Mix and 800x600-flexible-viewsmatch the split-screen view to present the most relevant combination of information that best supports the phase of flight you are in. For example, while on approach use Synthetic Vision on one half of the screen and plates on maps on the other half. At a glance, you are keeping your eye on potential terrain or obstacle hazards as well as keeping a clear picture of where you are at in relation to the approach path. Recruit a safety pilot and go practice using different screen view combinations to see what works best for you.

Hazard awareness coloring

800x600-hazard-coloringTerrain and obstacles are dynamically highlighted in yellow and red, like the Hazard Advisor layer and the Profile view, depending on the relative height of your aircraft. By default, the dynamic coloring alerts you at a glance when you are within 1000’ to 100’ (yellow) and less than 100’ (red). The altitude levels for the color alerting can be adjusted in the Profile view settings.

Hands-free declutter

As pilots, we understand that there are enough things going on in the cockpit to keep you 800x600-declutterbusy. For one less distraction, our Synthetic Vision view has an automatic, built-in declutter that proactively filters the screen for a more relevant view of information. Airport markers, obstacles, and runways smoothly and automatically fade in and out of view based on relative aircraft altitude and distance. Obstacles fade in at around 10 nautical miles and within 2500 feet. Airport markers fade in at approximately 20 nautical miles.

Elegant transition to night-mode

To preserve night vision, the transition from day-mode to night-mode gradually occurs over twenty minutes and is based on local sunrise and sunset data. The terrain dims and the stars begin to come out. When fully transitioned, enjoy a unique starry night view. Similar to the declutter feature, the switch from day to night and back to day happens automatically so you don’t have to think about it.


Realistic runways

800x600-realistic-runwaysAirport markers and realistic runways make it easy to find the airport on a hazy day, at night, or during an instrument approach. Runways are rendered in high fidelity detail with asphalt, grass, dirt or water texture.  And the runway numbers are even prominently labeled with an FAA-styled font. The synthetic vision runway views are a great way to cross-check that you are lined up to land on the correct runway. Together with ForeFlight Mobile’s aural and visual runway proximity advisor alerts and geo-referenced airport diagrams, synthetic vision runways greatly enhance your ability to maintain situational awareness in the terminal and airport environment.

Back-up instruments

The center of the Synthetic Vision view displays GPS-derived ground speed, altitude, 800x600-backup-instrumentstrack, and an HSI display with course deviation indicator. The menu bar along the top also provides navlog information including distance to destination, active leg, and estimated time enroute. The standard HUD options may also be overlaid along the bottom of the screen.


Stratus Enhances Synthetic Vision Experience

800x600-precision-attitudeWe continue to develop and create more functionality for the Stratus platform. The Stratus 2’s built-in AHRS drives a super responsive pitch and bank instrument in the center of the Synthetic Vision view. In an emergency situation, you’ve got a backup glass cockpit on your iPad that can help you stay aware of your position and surroundings.

How To Access Synthetic Vision

Synthetic Vision replaces the blue-over-brown Attitude Indicator view. Navigate to the Maps view and tap on the Attitude Indicator button along the top menu bar:

Access Synthetic Vision in the Maps view

Access the Synthetic Vision view by tapping on the Attitude Indicator button.

Turn on the Synthetic Vision download setting for United States, Canada, or both as applicable to your subscription in the Downloads view:

Select Synthetic Vision in the Downloads view

Select the Synthetic Vision data in the Downloads view.

How To Buy Synthetic Vision

Synthetic Vision plans are available on the iPad with ForeFlight Mobile version 6.6 or later and are available for United States and Canada coverages. ForeFlight Mobile Basic + Synthetic Vision is $99.99/year, ForeFlight Mobile Pro USA + Synthetic Vision is $174.99/year, and ForeFlight Mobile Pro Canada + Synthetic Vision is $174.99/year.

For existing customers: As an existing customer, upgrading to a Synthetic Vision plan requires that you renew your subscription. When you renew/upgrade on our website, you’ll receive a credit for the unused time on your existing subscription plan which then applies to the combined renewal/upgrade purchase price.

To change plans, login at or go to and use the email address associated with your account. iTunes credit or gift cards may not be used towards Synthetic Vision upgrades for existing accounts.

For new customers: As a new customer, you can purchase a ForeFlight Mobile + Synthetic Vision plan via the App Store or via our website at iTunes credits and gift cards may be used towards the purchase via the App Store.