Hurricane Harvey Update from ForeFlight

Over the weekend, Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast. In a 24-hour period, an estimated 419,000,000,000 gallons (yes, billions) of rainfall in just Houston – and more than 9 trillion gallons in Southeast Texas over the weekend – created the worst flooding the region has ever experienced. Some areas are experiencing an “800-year flood event”.

As of this writing the rain continues to fall and flood waters in many areas are still rising as bayous and rivers overflow their banks at record levels. It was frightening to ride out and it is gut wrenching to now see the images of fellow Texans in distress.

The Houston-based ForeFlight team is fortunate: everyone has checked in as being safe and no significant injury or flood damage to our homes has been reported. Many in the Houston area have fared far worse, and our thoughts are with them.

Emergency management resources are overwhelmed and have been asking anyone with equipment  to come forward and help rescue operations. Texans are responding in force, deploying boats and other assets to assist. In last night’s press conference, the United States Coast Guard reported they have more than 20 helicopters deployed in conjunction with Customs & Border Protection and Texas Department of Public Safety, as well as three flood response teams that arrived from Paducah, KY and Memphis, TN. In addition, the good samaritans of the “Cajun Navy” activated and sent forces from Louisiana.

Thank you to all our friends, family, partners, and competitors for sending thoughtful notes and well wishes throughout the event. We’ll be back to full strength soon.