Bulletin: Data Cycle Jan 31 – Feb 28 Posted

Data updates are now available to download for the January 31st, 2019 through February 28th, 2019 data cycle:

  • From ForeFlight:
    • Airport and Navigation Database
    • Airport Business Directory
    • Worldwide Obstacles
    • Updates and Additional ForeFlight Taxi Diagrams
  • From the FAA:
    • VFR Charts and Terminal Area Charts
    • Taxi Diagrams
    • Terminal Procedures
    • Documents
  • For our Military Flight Bag customers:
    • Georeferenced worldwide D-FLIP Terminal Procedures
    • Georeferenced worldwide D-FLIP Airport Diagrams
    • ENAME High and Low Enroutes, Area Charts
    • EEA Enroute Charts
    • D-FLIP Publications such as Planning Change Notices, Area Planning Documents
    • Chart Supplements, Enroute Change Notices, and Terminal Change Notices
    • Airfield Qualification Program (AQP) diagrams
    • Airport/Facility Directory

With this cycle we are discontinuing data support for versions of the app prior to ForeFlight 9. Those versions will no longer be able to download the required database. For more information on the supported device please visit the support section on our website.


All customers will be prompted to download these updates inside of ForeFlight Mobile.