Software Update: July 31, 2007

Tonight we pushed a few updates out to production! They include:

  • Limit the number of recent airports, weather stations, and routes to reduce clutter on the home screen.
  • Distance finder will show you the initial magnetic heading from departure to destination point.
  • The home screen now displays plain language weather underneath each weather station in your recents list.
  • The airport information screen was enhanced so that you can initiate a call to any listed phone number, including those in airport remarks, 1-800 numbers, and ATIS/ASOS number that include an alternate suffix.
  • More runway information, such as right-hand traffic patterns and approach lighting systems in use.

Improved Direct Dial ASOS/ATIS


Plain language weather on the home screen


Distance finder with initial magnetic headings


As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions!