Between Two Wings with Michelle “MACE” Curran – Former Thunderbird Lead Solo, F-16 Fighter Pilot

On this episode of Between Two Wings we talk with Michelle “MACE” Curran, who flew as a Lead Solo for the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds’. Learn what led her to become a motivational speaker after a successful career in the military, how the Thunderbirds selection process became more challenging during her time with the team, and how their series of flights across the U.S. at the height of COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 all started with a group text and why it was some of the most stressful flying of her career.

Between Two Wings with Melvin Williams – “Mel the Traveler”

On this episode of Between Two Wings we talk with Melvin Williams, better known as Mel the Traveler on social media. Learn about the training he had to undergo before taking a flight with the USAF Thunderbirds. Mel also describes how he ended up in a training program to become an A&P seemingly by accident, which led to his career as a maintenance instructor on the Boeing 737. And even though he knows the 737 inside and out, being a mechanic for over a decade may not help him much if he became a pilot.

Between Two Wings with Kevin LaRosa II – Aerial Coordinator and Camera Pilot for Top Gun: Maverick

On this episode of Between Two Wings we talk with Kevin LaRosa II, the Aerial Coordinator and Camera Pilot for Top Gun: Maverick. Learn how Kevin broke into filmmaking as a pilot, the types of aircraft he’s used to shoot films like this one and Iron Man, The Avengers, and Transformers 5, as well as the unique challenges the crew faced while shooting Top Gun: Maverick.

Fly with your favorite VFR charts directly in ForeFlight.

Enhance your VFR flying in Europe with charts, AIPs, and documents from Jeppesen and other popular chart makers, available as add-ons to any ForeFlight subscription that includes the Europe region. View all available VFR add-ons below and learn what’s included so you can make a more informed purchase.

NOTE: You can add VFR add-ons to your subscription at any time by renewing your subscription at . When signed into your account, ForeFlight will discount the early renewal based on the remaining value of your subscription.

You can find additional information about ForeFlight in Europe by watching this webinar.

Start Using Your VFR Charts

Different VFR add-ons provide different types of charts, data, and documents, but you can access all of them in the same ways you access ForeFlight’s built-in resources.

  • VFR ICAO/Enroute Charts: available in the left column of the Maps view Layer Selector, below the Europe VFR layer. (The Europe VFR layer is only for VFR ICAO/enroute charts that are automatically included in all European subscription plans, and does not include VFR add-on charts.)
  • VFR Procedure/Terminal Charts and Associated Documents: available in Airports > Procedures in the appropriate sub-category (usually VFR, Airport, or Approach), as well as in the Charts view where you can add them to Flight Binders.
  • VFR AIP Documents: available in the Documents view in new drives named after the VFR chart provider.

These resources will automatically become available for download after purchasing a VFR add-on as part of your ForeFlight subscription via

This video provides a more in-depth tutorial on how to purchase and use your charts.

Jeppesen VFR Procedure Charts

Includes visual approach procedures and airport diagrams, plus the Jeppesen VFR manual in the Documents view’s Jeppesen drive. Available as a bundle or individually for Austria, Belgium & Luxembourg, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy & Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia-Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Air Million VFR Chart Combo

Air Million’s 1:1,000,000 scale chart combo offers complete VFR coverage of western, central, and parts of eastern Europe, as well as Madeira and the Azores and Canary islands. A weekend version of the charts is also available as a separate layer to depict France’s airspace changes.

DFS VFR/Visual 500 Charts

Aeronautical charts from DFS (Germany’s national provider) offer 1:500,000 scale VFR ICAO charts for Germany, and VFR charts for Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland. DFS charts depict aerodromes, runways, frequencies, airspace, terrain, obstacles, and more.

Germany DFS AIP

Includes aerodrome charts and information, VFR procedure and area charts, and the AIP airport directory (AD) in the Documents view’s DFS drive.

CartaBossy VFR Charts

CartaBossy’s VFR Charts help you navigate in France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg while keeping clutter to a minimum thanks to the 1:1.000.000 scale. Standard and Weekend versions make it easy to plan your flight by only showing active airspace.

Rogers Data

VFR Charts

Rogers Data VFR charts use sophisticated topographic terrain shading and relief and includes aerodromes, runways, frequencies, obstacles, airspaces with altitudes, and more.

Refer to the map below for Rogers Data VFR Chart coverages.

Rogers Data VFR Chart Coverages

Red – Great Britain and Ireland VFR 500k Charts Combo
Blue Outline – France and Corsica VFR 500k Charts Combo
Purple – Central Europe VFR 500k Charts Combo (includes Austria and France)
Orange – Spain and Portugal VFR 500k Charts Combo (includes the Canary Islands & Madeira)
Green – Austria and Slovenia VFR 200k Charts Combo
Teal – Scandinavia VFR 500k Charts Combo
Yellow – Baltic VFR 500K Charts Combo
Magenta – South East Europe VFR 500k Charts Combo
All Europe Charts – Full European Coverage VFR 500k Charts Combo (Everything Shown below)
Not shown: Croatia Rogers Data VFR 200k Chart
Not shown: Turkey Rogers Data VFR 1000k Chart

Austria Rogers Data VFR Trip Kit

Includes aerodrome charts and info, VFR procedure charts, and a VFR guide supplemental document.

Slovenia Rogers Data VFR Trip Kit

Includes aerodrome charts and info, VFR procedure charts, and a VFR guide supplemental document.

Finland ANS VFR ICAO Charts

Finland’s 1:500,000 scale VFR ICAO chart from Air Navigation Services (Finland’s national provider) offers complete VFR coverage of Finland with Aerodromes, TRAs, traffic zones, frequencies, runways, windmills, lighthouses, and more.

France IGN VFR ICAO Charts

IGN’s VFR ICAO 1:500,000 scale chart displays terrain heights, aerodromes, detailed coastlines and waterways, obstacles, and more.

Norway Avinor VFR ICAO Charts

Avinor’s VFR ICAO chart provides complete coverage of Norway, depicting aerodromes, TRAs, frequencies, runways, TRAs, obstacles, and more.

Sweden LFV VFR ICAO Charts

Luftfartsverket’s 1:500,000 scale VFR chart provides complete coverage of Sweden from Sweden’s leading provider of air traffic control and associated services for civil and military aviation.


The United Kingdom’s 1:500,000 scale VFR ICAO chart from NATS (the U.K.’s national provider) depicts aerodromes, airspace with altitudes, frequencies, obstacles, and more.

Italy Avioportolano

VFR Chart

Italy’s 1:500,000 scale VFR chart from Avioportolano provides VFR coverage for all of Italy, including Sardinia, Corsi, Sicily, as well as Malta. Depicts aerodromes, runways, frequencies, airspace & altitudes, and more.

VFR Flight Guide

Includes aerodrome charts and information, VFR procedure and area charts, and associated documents in the Documents view’s Avioportolano drive.

Switzerland Skyguide VFR Guide

Includes aerodrome charts and information, VFR procedure and area charts, and associated documents in the Documents view’s SkyGuide drive.

Between Two Wings at WomenVenture

On this special episode of Between Two Wings recorded live at EAA AirVenture 2022 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, we talk with Olga Custodio, a retired American Airlines and US Air Force Pilot; Claire Schindler, a corporate pilot; Kerry Smith, Deputy Chief Pilot for Product Development at Boeing Commercial Airplanes; and Annie Vogel, a GA pilot and aviation journalist. The panel discussed how women across different sectors of the aviation industry can find success and fulfilling careers.

See What’s New in ForeFlight Military Flight Bag

Welcome to our Military Newsletter, a quarterly email to keep you informed and updated on the latest features in ForeFlight MFB. ForeFlight adds new features and updates monthly. You can see all of ForeFlight’s latest releases here.

Meet Sentry Plus, the latest in portable ADS-B.

Sentry Plus is the latest addition to ForeFlight’s ADS-B product suite and a powerful and compact package to enhance any airman’s cockpit. Sentry Plus builds on the award-winning capabilities of prior devices in the Sentry family with innovative new features.

Sentry Plus features include:

  • Dual-Band ADS-B In: Display ADS-B traffic and weather in ForeFlight + Weather Replay
  • FLARM Traffic: Display FLARM traffic in ForeFlight
  • Live Data Display: OLED screen displaying real time data and connection status
  • CO Monitor: Detect and warn of Carbon Monoxide with audible + in-app alerts
  • AHRS: Display pitch and bank in Synthetic Vision for backup attitude
  • WAAS GPS: Display ownship position in ForeFlight to 1-meter accuracy
  • Flight Data Recorder: Record flights with detailed metrics to import and review in ForeFlight
  • G-Load: Display live g-Load in ForeFlight + record and debrief with Track Logs

Per-Leg Altitude In Profile

Easily plan enroute altitude changes around terrain, weather, or airspace and visualize them in Profile View, with the option to start or end a climb or descent at a specified waypoint.

To plan an altitude change at a specific waypoint, tap the waypoint’s bubble in the FPL Route Editor and tap Set Altitude/Speed/Time, or tap the waypoint’s label in Profile View.

Custom Waypoint Elevation

Specify elevations for your User Waypoints and custom waypoints imported via Content Packs to plan routes to and from them like you would airports, with accurate climb/descent calculations and depictions in Profile View. You can add an elevation to a User Waypoint in More > Custom Content > User Waypoints, or by editing the waypoint directly from the Maps view.

Hide Pilot Info From Filing Form

Military Flight Bag customers can opt to reveal or hide their name on filed flight plan forms using the Hide Pilot Info on Filing Form setting. The new setting appears at the very bottom of the ICAO and DD-1801 flight plan forms after tapping Proceed to File in ForeFlight Mobile, and is enabled by default to automatically hide the pilot’s name on the flight plan form. 

To disable it, start by tapping Proceed to File in the Flights view once your flight plan is ready. From the File form, scroll to the very bottom to find Hide Pilot Info on Filing Form. Tap the toggle to turn the setting off. With Hide Pilot Info from FIling Form toggled off, Flight Plans will show the name of the Pilot in Command.

This setting is currently only available on mobile devices.

Example of DD-1801 form filed with Hide Pilot Info on Filing Form on. (DEFAULT)Example of DD-1801 form filed with Hide Pilot Info on Filing Form off.
Example of ICAO form filed with Hide Pilot Info on Filing Form on. (DEFAULT)Example of ICAO form filed with Hide Pilot Info on Filing Form off.

Delay/STAY Planning

Easily incorporate enroute delays into your flight plan and file them with automatic formatting appropriate to your region.

To add a delay to your route at a specific waypoint, tap the waypoint’s bubble in the FPL Editor and tap Set Altitude/Speed/Time. Then tap the Duration field under DELAY/STAY to set a Delay duration in hours and minutes, after which you can also add remarks below. Remarks are only required when filing with STAYs in Europe and are optional elsewhere. Once your delay is added, ForeFlight will incorporate the delay into your performance calculations to accurately reflect the delay’s impact on fuel consumption and flight time.

To file a flight with a Delay/STAY, just send the route containing the delay to the Flights view. ForeFlight will automatically format the delay in both the filed route string and remarks field with the appropriate notation for your region.Delay/STAY planning is currently limited to flights within the same administrative airspace (e.g. FAA, EUROCONTROL, etc.), and is available with ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

Enhanced Metric & Orientation Settings

Distance Rings in Kilometers

Easily gauge the distance to your surroundings in kilometers with a new Distance Rings setting. Enable Distance Rings in Map Settings > Distance Rings, and tap any of the three labels attached to Distance Rings to change the unit of measurement to kilometers.

Altitude Instruments in Meters

Customize the units of altitude displayed by the Map’s Instrument Panel for inflight reference with the new Altitude Instruments menu, available in More > Settings > Units/Time. Altitude Instruments affected by this setting include GPS Altitude, Height AGL, Height MEF, Pressure Altitude, Cabin Pressure, Vertical speed (meters per minute), Climb gradient (meters per distance unit), and Descent to Destination (meters per minute).

Bearing and Track Orientation SettingDisplay bearing and track measurements for the Ruler, Synthetic Vision, and relevant Cockpit Instruments using either Magnetic (default) or True North. Access this feature in More > Settings > Units/Time > Bearing and Track Instruments.

Selective Content Pack Downloads on Mobile

Multi-pilot account administrators who distribute a large number of Content Packs via Cloud Documents can use a new setting on ForeFlight Web to help their pilots save on-device space by allowing them to selectively download only the Content Packs they need.

The new “Automatic Content Packs Download” setting is enabled by default to match the current behavior, and is available on ForeFlight Web in Account > Integrations > Cloud Documents. Turning off the new setting allows account users to choose which content packs they wish to download from the list of all available content packs in More > Custom Content, similar to how they download Cloud Documents.

Between Two Wings with Dick Knapinski – Preparing for EAA AirVenture

On this episode of Between Two Wings we talk with Dick Knapinski, Director of Communications at EAA. Hear what’s happening in and around Oshkosh ahead of EAA AirVenture 2022, the choreography that goes into managing the airspace and grounds at KOSH, and how EAA prepares year-round to keep hundreds of thousands of attendees safe.

Between Two Wings with Drew Holcomb – Musician | Instrument-rated Pilot

On this episode of Between Two Wings we talk with musician Drew Holcomb of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. Drew also performs with his wife, Ellie, and is an instrument-rated pilot. Hear about the similarities Drew sees between music and flying, what brought him back to aviation nearly 20 years after earning his PPL, and how he was able to build time while on the road.

Between Two Wings with Petter Hörnfeldt – Mentour Pilot | Line Training Captain

On this episode of Between Two Wings we talk with Petter Hörnfeldt, creator of Mentour Pilot and a Boeing 737 line training captain for a major European airline. Hear what he thinks makes a good instructor, why he started Mentour Pilot, how his mother helps make sure his content reaches the right audience, and how a government program helped him learn to fly.