Between Two Wings with Kate Gunderson – Aerospace Engineer

On this episode of Between Two Wings meet aerospace engineer and National Test Pilot School student Kate Gunderson. Hear about her role as a flight test engineer, how this next endeavor could help her achieve her dream of becoming an astronaut, and why she is passionate about encouraging women to pursue STEM careers.

Follow Kate’s adventures on her blog:

Between Two Wings with Bill McGlynn – Recreational Aviation Foundation

On this episode of Between Two Wings meet Recreational Aviation Foundation President Bill McGlynn. He explains how a $100 pancake run led to his passion for backcountry flying, how the RAF advocates and fundraises to preserve, improve, and create airstrips for recreational access, the history behind many of the places the RAF is protecting, and why you should get into backcountry flying.

Between Two Wings with Jason Rabinowitz – Aviation Blogger

On this episode of Between Two Wings we get to know Jason Rabinowitz, an aviation journalist and blogger who specializes in the passenger experience. Hear what nearly a decade in the industry has taught him about how pilots and airlines can put passengers at ease with better communications practices, as well as his thoughts on how the COVID-19 pandemic could change commercial travel in the long run.

Between Two Wings with Katy Birkelbach

On this episode of Between Two Wings we get to know Katy Birkelbach, a licensed commercial pilot whose goal is to share her experiences and inspire her followers to get into aviation. Hear how she describes the differences of training at both ATP and Part 61 flight schools, how becoming a pilot gave her the self-confidence to achieve anything, and how she helps many of her 135,000 followers overcome anxiety about flying.

Between Two Wings with Mark Henley – Aeroshell Aerobatic Team

On this episode of Between Two Wings, we sit down with the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team’s lead pilot, Mark Henley, to learn about the team’s history and the pivotal role of each pilot, how the Aeroshells are able to perform for more than three decades while other teams come and go, why the T-6 is called “The Pilot Maker”, and more.

Profile View on iPhone and More in ForeFlight 13.8

Our September release features support for Profile View on iPhone, a layer selector for the Track Log Review flight metrics, and support for additional aircraft types in Runway Analysis.

Profile View on iPhone

Profile View is now supported on iPhone, giving you a side-on view of your route along with terrain, obstacles, airspace, and forecast weather.

To support narrower iPhone screens, route metrics like Highest Point, Clearance, and First Strike have moved to a new row above Profile View, along with the toggles for Route and Flight mode that appear during a flight.

The Profile settings menu also moved to directly below Profile View, just to the right of the Profile layer selector.

See how Profile View on iPhone compares to the view on iPad below.

Profile View is included in Pro Plus subscription plans and above, while forecast weather in Profile View is included in ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.

Track Log Review Layer Selector

A small update to the Track Log Review interface combines the four flight data buttons (Speed, Altitude, Pitch, and Bank) into a single layer selector in the bottom-left of the Track Log Graph.

You can display Pitch and Bank in Track Log Review for improved maneuver debriefing by flying with an AHRS-capable receiver like Sentry.

New Runway Analysis Aircraft Support

ForeFlight’s Runway Analysis product for jets now supports the following new aircraft models:

  • Gulfstream G-IV and G-IV/SP
  • Embraer Phenom 100/100E/100EV

Runway Analysis is available for a growing list of aircraft types and can be purchased alongside a ForeFlight Performance subscription plan.

GPS Data via Honeywell Apex & Aspen Connected Gateway

Pilatus pilots who fly with a Honeywell Apex FMS and Aspen Connected Gateway can now receive GPS position, ground speed, and track in ForeFlight, building on the support for flight plan transfer from ForeFlight to Honeywell Apex released earlier this year.

The integration with Honeywell’s Apex FMS is available with ForeFlight Performance subscription plans.