Software Update: September 10, 2007

Tonight’s software update introduces two features we’re pretty excited about: zooming radar images and Ramp Check!

The next time you visit an airport weather page, you’ll see little buttons on the right hand side of the “Current Radar” section heading that say “12”, “24”, “48”, and “96”. Clicking on one of the buttons will change the radius of the weather images. The number represent nautical miles. Here’s a screenshot:


Ramp Check! The fun kind.

Every time we’re at the FBO, there is some aircraft on the ramp we can’t identify. Wouldn’t it be nice if ForeFlight had a tail number lookup feature to help settle type disputes? Say no more!

With Ramp Check!, punch the aircraft’s tail number (leave the “N” off) into any ForeFlight search box and you’ll see the aircraft type and owner details. This feature will be good fun for pilots and plane spotters alike!


Enter a tail number …


… see aircraft details.


Also in this evening’s release are some minor bug fixes and improved scaling and optimization of animated weather images.


Special thanks again to those who wrote in with suggestions and bug reports. We hope you enjoy the improvements! As always, if you have any suggestions or feedback, please post comments here or drop us a note.