Software Update: December 14, 2007

Release Notes

This update introduces a few minor enhancements and one big new feature that we elaborate on below. Minor enhancements include:

  • A pretty new weather page that includes more US weather images, including icing.


  • Display of filed altitudes and the frequency of filed routes on the route details page.


  • Descriptions underneath weather image tiles, making it easier to know what area the weather image covers.


Logbook: Coming Soon!

Last night’s software update also included all the groundwork for an exciting new addition to ForeFlight: logbook integration!

Instead of reinventing the wheel that so many others have elegantly honed, ForeFlight has teamed with the logbook wizards at Coradine Aviation Sytems, producers of LogTen Pro, to create LogTen Mobile, Powered by ForeFlight.

Logten 200

LogTen Mobile will let you make new logbook entries, view total logbook statistics, view currency items (expirations and days remaining), view duty limits and more all from within ForeFlight! Make logbook entries on the road and then have them synchronized back to your desktop without having to connect your iPhone or touch to your computer!

The logbook feature is already in production and being made available in a limited beta. If you would like to participate in the beta, please contact us and we’ll let you know as more beta test accounts becomes available.

How it Works

If you already use LogTen Pro, you’ll be able to enter your ForeFlight nickname and password in LogTen Pro 4.0’s preferences screen. Once your nickname is entered, LogTen Pro will communicate with LogTen Mobile, download pending entries, as and update your total logbook statistics.


LogTen Mobile leverages a new ForeFlight web service called ForeFlight Logbook Gateway. When you start LogTen Pro on your desktop, it checks ForeFlight’s web service for pending entries, downloading any pending entries directly into LogTen Pro. Summary logbook statistics are immediately updated and uploaded. Refresh your logbook statistics page on your iPhone or touch and you’ll see that the new stats are already loaded.


Anyway, we’re pretty excited about the new service and hope that you are too!

Blue Skies!