ForeFlight Checklist v1.0.1 Released

The latest version of ForeFlight Checklist is now available in the App Store!  New features include:

  • New flip view for abnormal procedures – just tap the orange icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Templates in the checklist library now include abnormal procedures.
  • Shows previously viewed checklist when starting app.  If you are interrupted by a phone call or exit Checklist, you’ll start right where you left off.
  • Added Cessna 172I aircraft template.
  • Improved formatting of checklist and category name on top title bar.

See the new version in action in our video walkthrough!

To upgrade to the newest version simply run the App Store program on your iPhone or iPod touch and chose the “updates” option on the bottom right.  The new version of ForeFlight Checklist will show up for easy updating!

ForeFlight Checklist for Pilots brings easy to use Intelligent Pilot Checklists™ right to your iPhone or iPod touch, built to a level of quality and an attention to detail ForeFlight customers expect.  Create and edit your own customized collection of checklists by starting with one of the pre-defined aircraft type templates or start from scratch.  We built Checklist to make you a more productive pilot and reduce the amount of heads down time required to find the last checklist item you were looking at.

ForeFlight Checklist v1.0.1

ForeFlight Checklist v1.0.1