Checklist Lite: iPhone Aviation Checklists for Free!

Today we’re proud to announce ForeFlight Checklist Lite v2.0, our first free iPhone app! We know it’s hard to buy apps without trying them first, so this lets you experience how easy it is to walk through a checklist on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Checklist Lite lets you create checklists from two example templates, edit them on your iPhone, and test out our popular features like night-mode and flip-to-view emergency procedures.

We want every pilot to take it for a spin!

See the chart to see what features are available in Checklist Lite versus Checklist Pro:

Feature Checklist Lite Checklist Pro
Create multiple checklists
Tap to check, tap to skip, and status
Flip-to-view emergency procedures
Day mode and night mode
Edit checklists on iPhone or iPod Touch
Edit checklists on the web and sync to your iPhone or iPod Touch
Over two dozen templates for popular aircraft types, derived from official P.O.H. checklists: Cessna, Cirrus, Diamond, Mooney, Piper, and more
Share checklists with a friend and download shared checklists
Backup your checklists to our servers

Download Checklist Lite for free and take it for a spin around the pattern!

If you are ready for time saving features like more templates, web editing, online backup, and sharing, then Checklist Pro is for you.