ForeFlight Mobile 4.5.4

ForeFlight Mobile 4.5.4 is in the App Store, which fixes an issue on the retina iPad with blurry A/FD pages and Canadian plates.

It also includes fixes from ForeFlight Mobile 4.5.3, which we released earlier this week:

✣ Faster plate loading and document loading on retina iPad.
✣ Stratus radar colors set to match Internet radar.
✣ Fixed bug when calculating distance from certain waypoints to itself on device.
✣ Performance improvement when showing heads ups display in Maps on iPad.
✣ Fixed bug where play/pause button for radar/sat would sometimes not show up in center.
✣ Fixed intermittent bug where document catalogs didn’t get updated.
✣ Support for updating ETE on iPhone Maps after winds gathered.
✣ Various fixes in Maps and Downloads.