Educational Licensing Program Expands, Embry-Riddle and University of North Dakota Join

Late last year, we launched the ForeFlight Educational License Program (or “ELP”). Today, we’re happy to announce the expansion of ELP features and services and the addition of both Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) and University of North Dakota John D. Odegard School of Aerospace (UND).

ERAU and UND join other ForeFlight ELP members that are adopting technology such as the iPad to enhance their aviation curricula and provide faculty and students more efficient access to apps that improve flight planning, simplify access to electronic charting and aviation documents, and enhance situational awareness.

We’re truly humbled and grateful to be working with two of the world’s leading academic aviation programs. Having both ERAU and UND as ELP members is a significant milestone in the evolution of iPad in aviation. Both institutions are on the leading edge of aerospace research and study. We are also looking forward to collaborating with both institutions on mobile device related studies – from the human factors affects of iPads in the cockpit to the use of NextGen ADS-B traffic information to safely display traffic data provided by portable receivers. Ultimately, we will be jointly looking for ways to continue to improve planning, decision making, situational awareness and operations using iPad and mobile technologies.

Embry-Riddle will use ForeFlight technology at its two residential campuses in Prescott, AZ, and Daytona Beach, FL. Here’s what Ken Byrnes, Chair of the Flight Department at the Daytona Beach Campus has to say about ERAU and ForeFlight:

We use the most technically advanced NextGen training fleet in the industry. The addition of an electronic flight bag and the ForeFlight app is a natural next step in increasing technology on our flight decks while meeting the training needs of our students as they prepare for entry into the workforce.

Here’s what Antoina Bergman, Lead Flight Instructor at UND has to say about UND joining the ELP program:

Our mission at the University of North Dakota John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences is to provide the highest standard of aviation education at a reasonable cost to our students.  ForeFlight Mobile and the ForeFlight Educational Licensing Program helps the University of North Dakota achieve this mission. ForeFlight Mobile is a robust application that allows our students to have quicker access to more information than ever before.  Additionally, the Educational Licensing Program allows our students and instructors to stay at the front of a quickly changing and evolving industry!

ELP Program Enhancements

In working with ERAU and UND, we enhanced the ELP systems to support the size and scale of both institutions. We added an auto-enrollment capability as well as an version of ForeFlight Documents tailored specifically for ELP program members.  The new auto-enrollment capability allows any student with a university issued email address to obtain access to program benefits without burdening a university account administrator. ForeFlight Documents – ForeFlight’s cloud-based document distribution and control system – provides ELP members the option of using a secured cloud folder to elegantly and efficiently deliver current editions of publications and manuals to faculty and staff.

More Info

Interested in joining the ForeFlight ELP? Here’s how:

  • Visit for a program overview and download the ELP program brochure.
  • Send an email to with your institution’s name, enrollment size, and accreditation information.
  • Complete and submit the ELP agreement provided by ForeFlight’s Pilot Support Team in response to your inquiry.
  • Follow the getting started instructions provided by ForeFlight’ ELP Implementation Manager.

A new school year is coming up, and now is a perfect time to consider enrolling in ForeFlight’s Educational License Program.

Press Release

A PDF version of the press release is downloadable here.