Military Flight Bag: 1309 Central/South America Charts

Data updates are now available to Military Flight Bag (MFB) 2.0 customers for the August 22 – October 17, 2013 period:

  • DFLIP Central/South America IFR High enroute charts (CSA H1-H6)
  • DFLIP Central/South America IFR Low enroute charts (CSA L1-L18)
  • DFLIP Central/South America IFR Area insets (CSA A1-A3)

MFB 2.0 expands the feature set for ForeFlight customers that utilize Department of Defense aeronautical information. Utilizing the FBTiles specification we publicly released last month, MFB 2.0 expands ForeFlight’s en-route chart coverage area and lays the foundation for additional coverage expansion throughout the rest of the year.

Department of Defense, Homeland Security, State and Federal agencies, and foreign forces interested in learning more about MFB 2.0 can contact