ForeFlight Mobile Version 6.3.2 is Ready for iOS 8

ForeFlight Mobile version 6.3.2 is now available on the App Store. This update brings performance improvements, a few bug fixes, and most importantly support for iOS 8 landing today, and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus available on September 19. We recommend all Stratus customers download this update as it improves app performance while connected.

Preparing for iOS 8

We want ForeFlight apps to work well with the new operating system on the day it is released. Customers upgrade to new app and iOS versions quickly, so to prepare as much as possible we began testing with iOS 8 in June when Apple made the beta builds available to developers.

Since many pilots rely on apps like ForeFlight Mobile as a primary source of charts and maps, we prescribe conservatism when it comes to software upgrades. If you rely heavily on apps for your daily flying, we recommend waiting for the first Apple iOS 8 maintenance update. iOS is a remarkably stable platform and Apple has a track record of quickly releasing minor updates to address any major issues that are uncovered. However, all new operating systems have undiscovered bugs that need fixing and may cause unexpected device or app issues.

If you are anxious to explore the new iOS, then go ahead and update. However, be prepared for light to moderate chop from apps not yet optimized for iOS 8 or from unexpected operating system bugs. We recommend a test flight or two with iOS 8 and any apps you depend on before launching into IMC.

Click here to read more about our iOS 8 preflight briefing.

One More Thing

Apple’s automatic app update feature is convenient, however we encourage pilots to disable this feature. When enabled, this feature can create a situation where the apps you rely upon to fly safely update automatically before you have a chance to review and ground test the changes prior to flight. To disable, go to Settings, scroll down to iTunes and App Store on the left, and turn the switch OFF for Automatic Downloads – Updates.

ForeFlight Mobile 6.3.2 is a free update from the App Store and is available to all current customers. Click here for instructions on updating to the latest version.