Military Flight Bag FLIP script discontinued

We are ending support for the legacy Military Flight Bag (MFB) FLIP script. This script, introduced in January 2013, will no longer be updated and may not be compatible with any future changes to the FLIP DVD format.

We encourage our military and government customers to upgrade to the current version of ForeFlight’s Military Flight Bag (MFB). ForeFlight MFB supports global flight operations by providing a worldwide geo-referenced library of Department of Defense approach plates, airport diagrams, and chart coverage, all fully integrated with the ForeFlight Mobile Pro app. Pilots can overlay the geo-referenced procedures and diagrams onto global IFR enroute charts and other base maps for a seamless moving map view of own ship position along with hazard and weather information. We have recently expanded MFB to include full FLIP publications, including AQP pages and GIANT reports.

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