Enhanced Airway Details and More in ForeFlight 13.9

Our October release includes enhanced airway details via ForeFlight’s Aeronautical Map and support for additional aircraft types in Runway Analysis.

Enhanced Airway Details

Tap on any airway on the Aeronautical Map to view additional information for it in the Map Sidebar, including direction-specific details when available, such as:

  • Minimum En-route Altitude (MEA)
  • Minimum Obstacle Clearance Altitude (MOCA)
  • Maximum Authorized Altitude (MAA)
  • Bearing

If multiple airways exist at the point you tapped the Sidebar allows you to select between them to view the details for each.

New Runway Analysis Aircraft Support

ForeFlight’s Runway Analysis product for jets now supports the following new aircraft models:

  • Embraer Legacy 450 and 500, Praetor 500 and 600
  • Gulfstream G280, G300, G350, and G400

Runway Analysis is available for a growing list of aircraft types and can be purchased alongside a ForeFlight Performance subscription plan.