Software Update: August 9, 2007

ForeFlight received another round of new features tonight:

  • Departure, arrival, and approach plates!
  • Nearby airports: the airports page now shows airports within a 25 nm radius of the airport you’re viewing. We show the distance to the airport and the cardinal compass direction.
  • Nearby weather: the weather reports now show observations from aerodromes within a 50 nm radius of the station you’re viewing.
  • Frequency user interface update: we’ve organized the frequencies by those local to the airport and those provided by a remote facility.
  • Relative humidity added to weather reports.

We also worked in a few other enhancements, including:

  • Improvements to “remember me” so that you’ll be remembered – well – forever! No more need to log in a second time.
  • Improved handling of foreign METARs and TAFs (both military and foreign stations put funky stuff in their METARs, and we’re better at handling the funk).
  • Password change.