Software Update: October 7, 2007

Tonight’s release introduces some goodies that help us further our goal of being the fastest, most intuitive, and most informative mobile pilot companion on the market:

  • We made it even simpler to ‘toggle’ between weather information and airport information once you’ve loaded an airport. We load this information in a way that eliminates the time you would have normally waited for the next page to load. Although the load times were fast before, they are even faster now! Just like they say about Mooney’s: we’re just trying to ‘find knots’ every day.
  • It is now also easier to see approaches available for a specific runway. You will see a set of buttons in the runway section that say ‘Info’ and ‘Approaches’. Click on the Approaches button and we display the approach information for each runway that has a set of published approaches.
  • The procedures section is now organized by departures and arrivals, making it easier to locate the procedure you need.
  • We’ve added new larger, easier to read flight rules indicators and also now change the color of the airport indicators to reflect the flight rules in effect at the airport.
  • Help! We added a link to a help page on the main menu that will provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Density Altitude!

Put the calculators away! ForeFlight now automatically calculates the density altitude for any airport that has a known elevation and reports weather! Density altitude is displayed on the home screen in the Recent Weather list and on detailed weather pages.

Bug Fixes

ForeFlight is software, and we’re human, so bugs here and there come with the territory. With this release we’ve worked in a handful of bug fixes that customers reported. If you ever run across one, send us an email. We jump on these as quickly as possible.