Software Update: November 18, 2007

Tonight’s latest release includes quite a few valuable improvements to ForeFlight iPhone Edition:

  • The search form now allows searching by zip code.
  • Speaking of the search form – it is now available from any page! Just tap the little magnifying glass icon to reveal the search field.
  • Based on user feedback we have added a “clear” button to the various “Recent …” sections on the homepage. A simple tap will clear out that list of recent items to make way for new ones! Please keep those great ideas rolling in!
  • The entire ForeFlight iPhone system was revamped to be significantly more efficient when loading pages. This means that the entire system will feel even more responsive than it did before!
  • Now when you search for routes in ForeFlight you will also be shown any ATC-assigned routes for each leg of that search. This can be very helpful when deciding what route to file. Routes also now have a details page – click a recent route on your homepage to view all the route info.
  • We’ve added VFR sectional and IFR enroute chart snippets to the airport pages. Just click the little button labeled “charts” to check it out – courtesy of!