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Greg Summers is a ‘student pilot’ (in “the pilot is always learning, sense, as he has his PPL and is on to instrument work) who is chronicling his journey through a blog and video podcast available on the web at He has produced 24 episodes of content, which is no small feat.  We were tickled to learn that Greg profiled both ForeFlight Mobile 2.0 and ForeFlight Checklist in his latest episode, Episode #24.

Greg’s setup in the plane is very similar to ours.  We use suction mounts from RAM Mounts, place them just forward of the door bulkhead and high so that they do not obstruct the panel, and keep the positioning as close to eye level as possible.  The positioning varies by aircraft, of course.  In a Mooney, for example, you might end up placing the suction mount just aft of the forward door jam, above the air inlet.  The point is to always keep the device mounted and within view so that you don’t have to go heads down to find your checklist or the next check item.

A streaming copy of the video is available on Viddler at

8 thoughts on “ Video Podcast Feature

  1. Bummer, the streaming version isn’t on Youtube any more and it’s a loooonnnnng download. I’ve been looking at taking some video from the 172 but am yet to find any decent solution so I am interested to see how everyone does it.

  2. Yeah, YouTube didn’t like the video length.

    The video also walks through how he takes video in the cockpit, too, which is slick. I’ve wondered about how to set this up as well. I’m curious if the Flip Mino HD is a viable in-cockpit video recording solution.


  3. I almost hit the buy button on the Mino HD to replace my Ultra but one thing holds me back – the lack of audio input to capture ATC. I think having ATC on videos makes a huge difference.

  4. I would be happy to edit the foreflight portion for youtube uploading. iTunes is fine with the larger file size…and for some reason since I switched to editing in FInal Cut, my videos are larger than they have been when I was editing in Sony Vegas. Users can always download directly from the website too, but cannot stream the file.


  5. I have the video edited if you still want it…sorry it has been a while…..holidays etc… know how it goes. I rendered it 640×480 which leaves the file size at 155MB. If you want it smaller let me know….I was trying to get it where people could see it a little better. You can email me at Thanks for the mention in the newsletter! I really appreciate it.


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