New Checklist templates

new_templatesWe just added the Cessna 182RG and Cessna 172R to our template collection for ForeFlight Checklist!

To download them:

1. Launch ForeFlight Checklist
2. On the main screen, tap the “+” in the top-left corner to add a new checklist
3. Tap “Select Checklist Template”
4. Tap the reload icon in the top-right corner.  It will take approximately 20 seconds to download.  Once it is complete, the new templates will show up in the list under the Cessna section.

4 thoughts on “New Checklist templates

  1. Hi to all,
    I am new to this so please be patient, thank you. I dowloaded ForeFlight Checklist pro and I am very impressed by this but for one thing, I am using the application for reasons of flight simulation only and there are two aircraft which I use that is not in the checklist:( Level D 767-300 ER and 747-400 Queen of the Skies ), what I would like to know is there someone out there that might share the templates with me, if any are available and where is there is a members website using this product. If you could help I would be truly gratefull. and thank you for making a great product. Your fan J 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Any chance you guys can create a straight leg C-182H (naturally aspirated) template?



    • Rob and Steve,

      Checklist Pro now supports a web editor that makes it easy to add your own checklists – take a look when you get a chance!

      Take care,

      Team ForeFlight

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