Updated Databases, Go Get ‘Em!

A new data cycle begins today and updated ForeFlight databases are available for you to download. ForeFlight Mobile users can download these updates using the Download Manager, accessible from the “AF/D” section of the application.  This cycle primarily includes terminal procedure updates and updated airport diagrams.  The FAA continues to add RNAV approach procedures for many airports.  Airport data will not expire until May 7.  So, go get ’em … we don’t want you walking around with crusty old data!

If you have not yet used the Download Manager, we prepared a demonstration video that walks you through getting data downloaded to ForeFlight.  The Download Manager video, along with other nice “how to” demonstration video are available on our website here.  You will need the Quicktime player installed to view them.

2 thoughts on “Updated Databases, Go Get ‘Em!

  1. One of the Databases [7 may to 4 June (49MB)] refuse to completely download onto iPhone after three attempts, taking over 30 minutes with each failure

  2. Robert,

    Thanks for letting us know! We are working on further improvements to the download manager, but in the meantime, please make sure you are using WiFi to download those larger files.

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