ForeFlight Mobile 2.3.1 Available in App Store

It’s heating up here in Texas, as is the pace of app and feature updates.  ForeFlight Mobile 2.3.1 is now available in iTunes App Store.  Please see our helpful info page on how to update.

This is a minor update that improves download management for users on slower networks.  Also included is a new “Download All” feature that lets you download all databases in one shot.

Other changes in this release:

  • Favorites bug fix to avoid re-ordering problem
  • Data downloads will no longer be backed up by iTunes
  • Blue arrow button now works when shown on contact info view

3 thoughts on “ForeFlight Mobile 2.3.1 Available in App Store

  1. How do I create/store flight plans for future use without actually filing the flight plan?

    How do I cancel a filed flight plan which I will not be using?

  2. I noticed that ATIS phone numbers cannot be dialed from within the App (at least KOAK can’t). This would also be helpful. Should I also download the AOPA app or is the information now contained in Foreflight Mobile?

    • Pac, thanks for letting us know. I’ll look into catching the phone number (and making it dial-able) like we do the rest.

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